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‘Feeding-tube diet’ is the latest craze

Would you put a feeding tube in your nose for 10 days to lose weight? That’s being reported as the latest crash diet to hit the U.S., and it’s how some women are getting ready for their wedding photos.


Article Tab: image1-'Feeding-tube diet' is the latest craze


Could you stick to an 800-a-day calorie for 10 days? How about by eating no food, and with a feeding tube hanging out of your nose?

The process, known as the K-E, or feeding-tube, diet,  is being reported as an “increasingly popular” alternative to ordinary weight-loss programs.

From Good Morning America:

“The program has dieters inserting a feeding tube into their nose that runs to the stomach. They’re fed a constant slow drip of protein and fat, mixed with water, which contains zero carbohydrates and totals 800 calories a day. Body fat is burned off through a process called ketosis, which leaves muscle intact, Dr. Oliver Di Pietro of Bay Harbor Islands, Fla., said.

“It is a hunger-free, effective way of dieting,” Di Pietro said. “Within a few hours and your hunger and appetite go away completely, so patients are actually not hungry at all for the whole 10 days. That’s what is so amazing about this diet.”

Di Pietro says patients aren’t hospitalized. They wear the tube and carry the food solution around with them in a bag.

“I get a lot of brides,” he said in a New York Times story. “Nervous eating.”

From The New York Times:

“While the tube diet is fairly unknown in this country, it has been popular for years in Italy and Spain, where it is used casually to lose weight before a big event, as well as for more significant weight loss. In England, where it has been offered for the past year as the KEN (or ketogenic enteral nutrition) diet, The Daily Mail asked if it was ‘the most extreme diet ever,’ before adding that a National Health Service doctor was offering it.”

A bride-to-be featured in the stories, Jessica Schnaider, had the tube removed early because she met her goal in 8 days, losing 10 pounds. She said though she wasn’t hungry, it was not an easy experience.

The Times story puts the price for the procedure at $1,500 for the 10 days, including a screening and equipment.

Some doctors are rolling their eyes.

“Crash dieting does not work,” says Dr. John Di Saia, a plastic surgeon in San Clemente and Orange. “Rapid weight fluctuations just lead to more of the same. … This is not healthy. It is just another fad. It will fade as quickly as it appeared.”

The health risks cited by some doctors include nutritional issues, thyroid problems, coronary damage and a slower metabolism.

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Diets for the Lost and Mortified

Oh, how weak we have become. How whiny and wretched, tormented and convinced — convinced! — we simply cannot do even the most mildly difficult thing all by ourselves, lest we break, wail and beg for medication.

Behold, the latest micro-trend story that’s not really a trend because no one you know is actually foolish enough to try it, all about how some otherwise healthy but still desperately inept women are paying large amounts of money to have a doctor insert a feeding tube up their noses, down their throats and into their stomachs. For multiple days at a time. By choice.

Are these people sick? Are they dying? Are they toothless and limbless and cannot feed themselves without spilling hot soup onto the rug? Are they Lady Gaga? No, they are not.

What they’re doing, of course, is taking part in a radical new diet. You know, for morons.

Here’s how it works: For 10 fun-filled days or so, the freshly inserted feeding tube attached to your face like an unhappy worm not only looks wonderful and feels awesome, but it also slowly drips miserable liquid nutrients into your stomach so that you may stop eating regular food and crash out your system, all so that you may finally, finally lose those 10 extra pounds that just won’t go away by thinking about them, beating them with a meatball sandwich or, you know, actually working for it.

The ultimate goal? No, not better health, silly. That would be far too intelligent and thoughtful. The goal, of course, is to finally fit into that snug wedding dress, so as look presentable in the wedding photos and feel happy and skinny-ish for a day, safe in the knowledge that you will immediately gain the 10 pounds back in a week or two and never look that way again. See? Marriage is fun!

Is that too harsh? Unfair? I’m not so sure. But is it really all that big of a deal? Probably not. Just more mal-attuned humans (and believe me, men are certainly no strangers to dumbly extreme body torments, either) joining the long-standing American tradition of brutally restrictive food regimens designed to force the body into this or that antagonistic contortion for the least salubrious of reasons. Hey, it’s what we do.

What’s more, I’m well aware the Sad Drip Diet (or whatever it’s called) is far from the most extreme diet out there (like surgery, vomiting, staring at a photo of Rick Santorum long enough that you become far too ill to eat). It’s just the latest, and perhaps the dumbest. Except for all the rest.

Let me be clear. I’m all for losing those 10 pounds. Hell, make it 20 if you want. I’m all for getting fit, feeling deeply healthy and alive in all parts and flavors of your skin. But the equation is violently perverted if you’re more willing to suffer the indignity of walking around with a feeding tube shoved down your face than you are to simply re-evaluate how you approach food and exercise, or to earn a profounder understanding of beauty and health. But maybe that’s just me.

As we pause to digest this cultural gem, let us turn our attention to the screaming hellbirth of a new fast food product that very much wants everyone who consumes it, dead.

Let us observe, with equal parts horror, revulsion, and honest appreciation for the genius involved, the arrival of Pizza Hut’s new hot dog stuffed crust pizza, available (so far) only in the U.K., where this sodium-blasted colon grenade has apparently been killing people for many days already. Britain! When it comes to destroying the body as quickly and brutally as possible, they don’t screw around.

It’s a proud moment…

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Driscoll Children’s Hospital has no plans to evict McDonald’s after advocacy …

Driscoll Children’s Hospital has no plans to evict McDonald’s after an advocacy group called on it and 21 others to remove the fast food restaurant.

The hospital said in a prepared statement that it has a contract with McDonald’s and business ethics require it remain true to the terms of the contract. The hospital would not disclose the terms.

Corporate Accountability International sent a letter to 22 hospitals urging them to end their contracts with McDonald’s in an effort to foster a healthier environment and curb the childhood obesity epidemic.

“In your role as a local health leader, you have allowed McDonald’s — a corporation that has disregarded public health in the name of profits — to operate within an environment devoted to helping our children get well,” the letter stated.

The group, which is leading a larger campaign against the restaurant’s marketing to children, argued that hospitals with McDonald’s send mixed messages to patients by giving the perception that the food is healthy. There are 14,000 McDonald’s nationwide, including 26 in hospitals.

“Kids are being treated for diet related conditions like diabetes and on another floor, there’s the world’s most recognized junk food brand on the planet,” said Sriram Madhusoodanan, national campaign organizer at Corporate Accountability International.

Madhusoodanan said the organization is willing to work with Driscoll Children’s Hospital and others to figure out how best to end or shorten their contracts with McDonald’s.

Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas decided not to renew its contract with the fast food chain in December 2009, hospital spokeswoman Candace White said. It was replaced with a UFood Grill, which advertises healthy comfort food such as veggie burgers and steamed broccoli.

Driscoll Children’s Hospital officials in a prepared statement said the hospital has been committed to the health and well-being of children for 60 years. That commitment is reflected in the hospital programs that promote healthy eating and lifestyles, the statement said.

The hospital operates an adolescent weight management program where nutritionists, physical therapists, psychologists and endocrinologists help patients with weight loss and healthy eating. The program also offers bariatric surgery as an option. The hospital in 2009 became the first children’s hospital in Texas to perform bariatric lap band surgery.

Christus Spohn Health System and Corpus Christi Medical Center hospitals do not house fast food restaurants.

McDonald’s said in a prepared statement that it is proud of its menu and its steps to offer more choices.

“McDonald’s promotes the idea that it’s not about where you eat; rather, it’s about what and how much a person chooses to consume during every eating occasion,” the company said.

Health Matters: Losing weight the smart ‘weigh’ – WZVN


“My heaviest was 240, that was my heaviest,” says Amy Sweat.

It was not her finest hour, but with a lot of, you guessed it, sweat, Amy reshaped her body and her life.

“I didn’t want to wake up every Monday morning ‘I’ve got to lose weight, I need to do something.’ I just got tired of it.”

Amy didn’t go at it alone. She worked with a dietician from Lee Health Solutions.

“Our program is pretty flexible. They don’t have any type of contracts or anything like that. We will sit down with a person and we’ll look at what they’re currently doing just to get an idea of what they’re eating what kind of habits we can help them change,” says Julie Stacey, a registered dietician with Lee Memorial Health System.

Amy was asked to keep a food journal to track her behaviors. What she found added up to a lot of extra pounds.

“I just thought that I had to start my morning with a Mountain Dew and some crunchy cereal usually Apple Jacks or something and then I would just you know fast food for lunch.”

“It’s really eye opening for them just as far as making better choices. So they can look and see how many fruits did I eat today how many vegetables how many whole grains and then kind of see where they need to tweak things,” says Stacey.

The next thing is to look at activity level.

“I also set an exercise goal with them. I don’t tell them what they should be doing but I help them come up with some type of goal. Whether it’s starting to walk three days a week for ten, fifteen minutes we start somewhere,” says Stacey.

This is not an overnight success story. People in a structured, well-balanced weight loss program can expect to drop a pound or two a week. It may take them longer but if they stick with it those pounds are more likely to be gone for good.

Americans spent $60 billion dollars on diet products last year. They would have been better off spending time creating new habits.

“This is a total lifestyle change. Its hard to even imagine going back to what I did before, there’s no way,” says Sweat.

Far from the biggest loser, at 60 pounds lighter, Amy Sweat feels like the biggest winner.

From Bling to Diets, Image Shapes French Campaign

Should you judge a book by its cover? France’s presidential candidates certainly think voters do, and more than ever have tried to get their political message across through their image.

With unemployment and economic woes topping voter concerns, incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy has sought to change from a Rolex-wearing president with a supermodel wife to a more humble, discreetly dressed man listening to the needs of the people.

Almost conversely, Francois Hollande — the Socialist who tops polls ahead of Sunday’s first-round voting and admits to a penchant for hamburgers — saw his popularity surge after he went on a strict diet, modernized his glasses, and went from baggy, shapeless suits to darker, sharper designer cuts.

Image is important in politics almost everywhere. But striking the right visual tone is especially crucial in France, capital of the luxury and cosmetics industries, home to the world’s premier fashion shows, and whose Parisian salons have set global style trends for centuries.

And with candidates’ every public move now under scrutiny of smart phones and Twitter, observers say maintaining a good presidential image in 2012 is harder, and more paramount, than ever.

Hollande, described six months ago by satirists as an indecisive marshmallow, summed it up best himself, declaring in his February autobiography that: “Style makes the man, we say. Style also makes the president.”

“People here are incredibly critical and demanding of the image of the politicians … You can’t be too drab, and too showy is seen as vulgar,” said Rebecca Voigt, a Paris-based fashion writer.

As he campaigns, Sarkozy has been trying to shed the much-lampooned perception that he courts the rich in a country where wealth is meant to be discreet.

Five years ago, on the night of his election victory, Sarkozy wined and dined at Paris’ exclusive Fouquet’s restaurant and then vacationed on a French billionaire’s private yacht.

But this year, Sarkozy declared he would be “a different president.” He allowed himself to be personally approached at rallies, and modified the way he dressed.

“Gone are the severe black suits with patterns, replaced by light blue shirts, navy blue jackets and ties with hardly any decoration,” says Diane-Monique Adjanonhoun, a political marketing strategist. “This is intentional, blue is a color that makes people think you’re more open.”

But will this change of image convince?

Voigt doesn’t think so: “He came into office with a Rolex, the ultimate symbol of money. Though he’s changed his watch to a slightly less showy Patek Philippe, that unpopular showy side is not forgotten. (U.S. President) Barack Obama’s very calculating in how he dresses, he looks so quiet and everyday. Obama would never wear a Rolex, with people suffering the financial crisis.”

Footage circulating online of Sarkozy removing his expensive gold watch before speaking to voters at a rally Sunday in central Paris did not go down well: Was it due to fear of theft, French media asked, or of recalling the “bling bling” period the President had been trying to bury?

Controversy has also courted Carla Bruni-Sarkozy: French media drew comparisons between the French first lady and Marie Antoinette earlier this year, when she declared on France 2 television she and her husband “are modest people.”

Meditation- A New Happy Spiritual Way to Lose Weight, Lower Blood Pressure and …

Lose weight by practicing meditation on the phone with Dr. Singh on Sunday, April 22, 2012.

Oyster Bay, NY (PRWEB) April 18, 2012

Dr. Singh brought from East to West the rich heritage of centuries old proven techniques to lose weight by 10 minutes of daily meditation. He wrote 13 inspirational books and has held hundreds of seminars teaching how to achieve physical, spiritual and financial richness by the practice of meditation.

Dr. Singh is now forming a nationwide group of people who may like to benefit from his weekly seminars on meditation by conference telephone calls. In Dr. Singh’s words, “It all starts with thoughts. Thoughts become words, words become actions and repeated actions become habits. Gaining excess weight is a direct result of bad habits. To achieve success in losing weight permanently, habits must be changed. It is very difficult to change habits as they are rooted at the very deepest levels of our subconscious mind.”

How can one change these deep-seated habits?

Meditation is the process through which one engages the subconscious with the conscious level of our mind. This way the power of mind is increased tremendously as the subconscious is a million times more powerful than the conscious level of mind. Meditation takes the mind to the deepest levels of the subconscious, where the mind controls the body, not the other way around. The mind, in this powerful state, is able to dictate that the the body lose weight by changing some habits which are the root cause of the problem.

Following are some additional advantages of meditation:

1. Meditation helps to explore inner treasures and develop consciousness to help attain inner happiness. It develops inner strength, energy and realization.

2. Through meditation, mind becomes positive and by that virtue, body starts behaving the way one wants. Negative thoughts start going away.

3. Through meditation, one begins a new kind of realization of one’s bones, muscles, tissues and organs. It penetrates every cell of one’s body and makes positive changes in cells. Meditation lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and stress related diseases such as heart attack and stroke. It also helps to reduce the use of hypertensive drugs and to quit smoking habit.

4. Meditation helps to channel quality and quantity of thoughts. One does not feel lonely any more. One does not feel over crowded with thoughts either. Mind does not wander around in 1000 different directions.

For a limited time, Dr. Harsimran Singh will practice meditation with the members every week from 9.00 AM -9.30 AM starting Sunday, April 22, 2012 through a telephonic conference call.

Send us an e-mail at loseweight(at)howtobehappysite(dot)com with your name and email address and you will be provided with a conference telephone number.”

About Dr. Harsimran Singh:

Dr. Harsimran Singh is a philanthropist who gave up millions of dollars to establish charitable institutions. He has moved thousands of homeless people into decent housing. He has been featured in Fox News, CBS, and many other TV and radio programs. The NY Times, NY Post and many other newspapers have written full-page articles about his accomplishments. Writing books has been his way to give back to the people of America, where he landed with almost nothing. He loves to encourage people through his public speaking engagements and by providing free meditation classes.

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