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How to Plan, Prepare and Eat at Your Memorial Day Celebration


Memorial Day is right around the corner. Are you ready for the big event? If not, don’t fret because we have some last-minute tips on how to plan a party, navigate holiday eating, and even a round-up of healthy All-American recipes.

If you’re playing host this Memorial Day weekend, DietsInReview.com’s Registered Dietitian, Mary Hartley, RD, says planning early for a big party is key. In addition to cooking as many foods as you can ahead of time, some of her recommendations include:

  • Make a menu, shopping list, and list of equipment you’ll need – you might have to buy or borrow things like serving platters, a punch bowl, or a coffee urn.
  • Think about your oven and refrigerator capacity to make sure you can accommodate your menu items.
  • Don’t make a dish you have never tried before.
  • At the party, assign someone the task of keeping the food table refreshed and cleaning up as you go.

When it comes to actually eating at the party, navigating a big spread of food can be tricky. But Mary says a few simple tricks can help keep your waistline in check. Start by limiting alcoholic drinks as they can provide a lot of empty calories. Also, don’t show up starving and have a snack before you go so you aren’t tempted to devour everything in sight when you arrive. And lastly, be discriminating and don’t snack on everything just because it’s there. Instead, pick your favorites and pass on the rest.


Red, White and Blue Sangria. Enjoy this patriotic spin on a classic by using white wine in place of red, and adding berries instead of traditional orange and citrus slices. This bubbly refreshment packs tons of antioxidants and will only set you back 240 calories per glass.

Red, White and Blue Turkey Burger Sliders Before you wonder where we’re headed with this, we can personally attest to its goodness. Ground turkey, salty feta cheese, and home-roasted red peppers make a flavorful base for a juicy blueberry balsamic reduction. And at only 156 calories per slider without the bun, you can have two without an ounce of guilt!

All-American Potato Salad. Potato salad at its finest, but with a healthy spin. Reduced fat sour cream and mayonnaise help keep this cookout favorite figure-friendly.

Cool Six Fruit Salad. Who needs dessert when you have fruit? This colorful recipe includes all of my fruity favorites: Bananas, watermelon, strawberries, peaches and grapes. A simple ‘dressing’ of orange juice ties the whole dish together.

We hope these tips and healthy recipes help your Memorial Day go off without a hitch. And with that, have a happy holiday weekend!

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May 27th, 2012

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4th Annual Casino Royale to raise money for Healthy Happy Kids program


June 1, local corporate, media and advocate celebrities raise funds for UAB’s MHRC Healthy Happy Kids program

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – The Young Professionals Board of the University of Alabama at Birmingham Minority Health and Health Disparities Research Center is going “all in” Friday, June 1 at 7:30 p.m. at their 4th Annual Casino Royale. This event has become one of the most popular social events in the city of Birmingham for young professionals of all walks of life – all for the benefit of the Healthy Happy Kids program.

The annual hors d’oeuvres and cocktail event, at WorkPlay in Birmingham, is open to the public and tickets are $50 until May 27 and $65 at the door. For tickets, visit http://uab.edu/casinoroyale, call 205-996-2973 or email [email protected] Dress is cocktail attire.

There will be local celebrity dealers, including the following:

Birmingham City Councilman Jay Roberson; television personalities, Bettina Boateng from NBC 13, Tiffany Westry from CBS 42, Rick Journey from Fox 6 and Yenu Wodajo from ABC 33/40; Radio personalities Tasha Simone and Sly King from Hot 107.7 FM and James Gettys and Isis Jones from Cox Media Group; comedian Roy Wood Jr.; Corporate executives, Bobbie Knight and John Hudson from Alabama Power Company; Community advocates John Ocampo and Theresa De Leon; Entrepreneur Bruce Ayers of the Comedy Stardome; and social influencers MeMe Williams, Deon Gordon and Eric Guster.  Other Diamond Dealers may be announced in weeks leading up to the event.

NBC 13 news anchor Bettina Boateng and Birmingham City Councilor Jay Roberson are emcees for the evening. There also will be musical entertainment from ultra popular DJ B-Brian of Cox Radio. Mystery prizes and prizes donated for attendees to have a chance at winning. Prize items for purchase onsite at the event include exquisite beverages, designer goods, fine dining packages, travel packages, sporting and entertainment events and more.

Healthy Happy Kids is a free, hands-on, six-session curriculum targeting underserved elementary school children attending after-school programs in inner city schools. It is designed to help reduce and prevent childhood obesity. The children learn theoretical lessons on the food pyramid and calorie balance, as well as practical lessons on hands-on preparation of healthy foods. There also are interactive lessons on the importance of daily physical activity, and the kids learn easy and fun games that promote physical activity. Plans are to implement the program in after-school care programs city- and statewide as funding becomes available.

“In the United States, obesity occurs at higher rates in racial and ethnic minority populations. Also, cultural factors influence dietary and exercise behaviors, and research has shown these play a major role in the development of excess weight in minority groups,” said UAB MHRC Director Mona Fouad, M.D. “We targeted these groups of children for this program in an effort to help them learn early how to lead a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise.”

The MHRC Young Professionals Board, launched in 2008, is a group of young professionals age 25 to 40 who represent diverse professions and ethnicities. Since its inaugural year in 2009, the All In Casino Royale has attracted more than 1,000 young professionals, business and community leaders from our region and raised more than $160,000. To date, with these funds raised by the MHRC Young Professionals Board and through other community support, Healthy Happy Kids has been implemented in 12 Birmingham City Schools and has reached nearly 500 students.

About the UAB MHRC
The UAB Minority Health Health Disparities Research Center (MHRC) is a comprehensive educational, research and community outreach center focused on eliminating the health disparities of racial/ethnic minorities and underserved populations.

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Kelly Clarkson Lost Weight for Her Boyfriend

If you noticed that is, let’s say, less fat now, it’s because she is. She says her boyfriend has inspired her to lose weight.

“I would love to say that it had something to do with my work, but it doesn’t,” Clarkson, 30, whose new singing competition Duets premieres Thursday, told reporters during a conference call. “I have a boyfriend, and if I’m being completely honest, no one likes to be not toned when you are dating someone.”

This is very true though I can’t help but feel Kelly is being a little disingenuous when she says she could have stopped being a fatty whenever she wanted.

“I tone whenever I want, and I chose to now because my boyfriend and I are both really into it,” she says. “But we don’t work out together.”

“We did that once and I didn’t like huffing and puffing,” she continues. “I didn’t like looking all red and gross, so I don’t do that.”

So is she saying she chose to be a fatty by choice? Because increasing your risk of heart disease and not being able to walk a mile without wheezing seems like really odd things to want to have.

Kelly Clarkson Filming Her New Music VideoKelly Clarkson Filming Her New Music VideoKelly Clarkson Filming Her New Music VideoKelly Clarkson Filming Her New Music VideoKelly Clarkson Filming Her New Music VideoKelly Clarkson Filming Her New Music VideoKelly Clarkson Filming Her New Music VideoKelly Clarkson Filming Her New Music Video

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Our Health Depends on the Food We Eat

FOOD experts’ observation that we are what we eat is putting us on more pressure to people. But despite this observation, it is proving to be difficult for them to change their lifestyles with aim to live longer.

A clear example is what is seen in eateries and bars especially during weekends for those who know how to use their money, not knowing that they are killing themselves prematurely. World class research findings indicate that almost everything that we eat has a side effect, especially if taken over the recommended proportion.

Too much of anything is harmful, so the saying goes. But how much do Tanzanians know about these facts? For sure, even the mostly popularly used food such as maize can be harmful to our bodies. For example, Fumonisin is one of the toxic substances called mycotoxins produced by various fungi under moist conditions and in right temperature.

Humidity along the coastal areas is favourable to such toxins. More threaten, the fight against HIV/AIDS may be harder and trickier for the nation to deal with than previously assumed because of maize, a staple meal base of many people in the country.

“HIV, cancer of the liver and cancer of the throat, according to the researcher, Dr Martin Kimanya, Food Evaluation and Registration manager with Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority (TFDA), are related to consumption of mycotoxin-prone foods in sub-Saharan Africa.

Tanzania, due to its tropical climatic conditions provides ground for contamination by these poisonous substances caused by fungi. The level of contamination of the crop varies in areas with notable high amount which is found in Tabora, Iringa, Kilimanjaro and Ruvuma regions.

Reliable studies on the magnitude of the above mentioned diseases as a result of maize consumption are not available, and this calls for further studies to be followed by public education on preventive measures. Food Technology researchers with Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre (TFNC), on the other hand, reveal that most Tanzanians are not sensitive with what they eat.

The increased cases of obese children and adults, people with high blood pressure are on the increase. The situation is worse among executives and urban dwellers. Lack of physical exercise, obesity and nonobservance of balanced diet are identified as main causes for the situation. In some traditions in several parts of the country people believe that certain foods are meant for specific people, and they tend to shy away from them.

There are those fruits and green vegetable which are for women and children and there is no way this can be part of the food intake. In several occasions, experts have advised on the need to go for balanced diet, participate in frequent physical exercises and avoid situations that will put them into more health problems.

We must all listen to such expert advice if we are to live healthy lives which are prerequisite for healthy living and make us better able to participate in the social and economic development of the country. It is only possible if we adopt healthy life styles.

New Religious Shoppe, Diet Center Opens in Downtown Clearfield

Clearfield—The Little Way Body and Soul Shoppe recently opened in downtown Clearfield.   The business is a combination Diet Center and Religious item shoppe.

The weight loss program, Ideal Protein, features proper nutrition regarding carbohydrates, proteins and fats.  Ideal Protein offers the complete plan, products and education with the philosophy that the body is a temple of the holy spirit and must be nourished as well as the soul.

The religious shoppe carries a variety of items including communion, confirmation, baptism, wedding, memorial items and St. Francis School uniforms. It also offers a social area to discuss the word of God, prayer room, and an area to view DVD’s the lives of the Saints and other spiritual information.  The Shoppe also accepts religious item contributions to donate for the Right of Life movement.

The Little Way Body and Soul is owned and operated by Dr. James and Darlene Davidson and is open Monday –Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Diet Center is by appointment.

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52 ways to lose weight: Tip No. 3

Simple steps can add up to big weight loss when taken over a year.

Let us count the ways. Whether you’ve vowed to lose five pounds or 50, the following advice will help make achieving your weight loss resolution a little easier.

We scoured research journals and spoke with diet and fitness experts to find a year’s worth of practical and effective methods to rev your metabolism, torch fat and flatten your belly.

“When you successfully implement one change, you’re more likely to do another. The more you’re able to stick to your goal, the greater your confidence, and the more chance you’ll have to start and accomplish new goals. These small changes can add up to a lifestyle change,� says Jessica Cassity, author of Better Each Day: 365 Expert Tips for a Healthier, Happier You.

During the next 52 weeks, use these strategies in your daily life to help you reach your goal by year’s end.


Hit the gas early during your workout.

College of New Jersey researchers found that men who started a 30-minute running workout at high speed, working at 70 per cent of their VO2 max (or aerobic capacity), and then eased up to 50 per cent of VO2 max burned five to 10 per cent more fat than those who started slow and then revved up the pace. The after-burn of the high-intensity workout seems to carry over into the lower-intensity period, increasing overall fat burn


Leave the car at home.

Use public transportation. Turns out taking the bus or train is as good for your body as it is for your wallet and the environment. In one recent study from two Pennsylvania universities, researchers found that people who switched from driving everywhere to using a light-rail system lost an average of about six pounds in a year. “By walking the extra blocks it takes to get to and from bus stops and train stations — instead of pulling up right in front of a destination — you naturally increase your activity level enough to result in weight loss,� says Cassity.


Drink two cups of coffee, black.

A study in the journal Physiology and Behaviour found that drinking two cups of caffeinated coffee can boost your metabolism by 16 per cent compared with the decaf kind. Make sure to drink it black, though. The 67 calories in a spoonful of sugar and a tablespoon of cream can negate caffeine’s calorie-burning benefits.

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