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Hoping to inspire healthy living, pastors take on diet challenge

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Westerly — Two preachers, an Episcopalian and a Baptist, are at the forefront of an unconventional ministry.

The Rev. Cal Lord of Central Baptist Church and the Rev. Sunil Chandy of Christ Episcopal Church, who regularly preach from their respective pulpits just a few doors apart on Elm Street, started a friendly weight-loss competition a few weeks ago that has caught the attention of their parishioners, and townspeople, too.

It started in late December, when Pastor Lord stopped in to see his friend Pastor Chandy and ask for his support in Lord’s effort to lose weight and get better control of his diabetes. Chandy, who has high blood pressure and, like Lord, was attending a weekly Weight Watchers meeting at Central Baptist Church, liked the idea of the two spurring each other on to achieve better health.

Their Weight Watchers leader, Traci Boiselle, suggested that rather than count lost pounds they should decide the top finisher based on highest percentage of weight lost, a more equitable formula. They started Dec. 31 and will conclude their competition on April 15, the eve of Easter Sunday.

So far, the two have each lost about 10 pounds, and Lord has a slight edge on Chandy. Come Easter Sunday, the victor will get a new suit from a local men’s shop, compliments of the other pastor.

But it’s really not about the prize, both men said. Their goal is to improve their own health and set an example by doing so.

The pair attend a Saturday morning Weight Watchers meeting to be motivated by other members of the class, and to help encourage others, too. And they get together weekly to pray, sometimes in unconventional places, like last week’s meeting at the High Street juice bar Maize N Manna.

“He got me some energy drink,” said Lord, and added, “We can pray anywhere, and we pray for one another.”

Lord, 58, first joined Weight Watchers in 1994 and lost 60 pounds, becoming a life member. He’s gained some of that weight back and now has a goal of losing 35 to 45 pounds.

“We lift each other and pray together,” said Chandy, explaining the two pastors pray extemporaneously.

“We thank the Lord and ask him to help us, to help each other, as we walk this journey,” he said.

Chandy, who will turn 50 in March, joined Weight Watchers about a year ago and acknowledges he didn’t initially take the program as seriously as he could have.

“I was going to the meetings, but I was flirting with it,” he said. “I’d lose weight one week, and gain weight the next week. I was living on balance, saying I’d have to lose that weight before I went back to another meeting.”

The priests want to set an example for others, especially men. Both congregations are aware of the weight-loss battle and rooting for their respective pastors. And, after Easter, the two men hope to broaden their efforts by forming Team Cal and Team Sunil, and engaging others in healthful eating and exercise behavior.

“We are both very competitive and this gives us something to work for,” Chandy said. “We are leaders in our community and we are modeling a healthy lifestyle.”

“If you’re the priest at Christ Church and go to Burger King, everyone knows,” he added.

“Weight Watchers is not really a diet, it’s an approach to healthy eating and lifestyle,” Lord said. “It teaches you how to eat anything and make good choices.”

“I consider it a ministry,” he said. “We talk about the mind, spirit and body, and scripture says your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, so you gotta take care of your body.”

“Their goal overall is to set an example of living a healthier lifestyle,” said Boiselle, their Weight Watchers leader. And, she said, they are proving that men can be successful on the program.

“There’s a stigma that Weight Watchers is for women. But men do the program, and they’re successful, and they are leaders,” she said.

Lord wants to encourage Chandy, his own parishioners, and others in the community.

“We talk about it from the pulpit, and in conversations,” he said. “Our congregations know we’re doing this … our hope is to engage others.”

“There has been a friendship between our churches for many, many years,” Chandy said. “And Cal and I, we have a real good chemistry between us — we share humor, understanding and respect.”

Chandy said he knows some of his parishioners have worried about him, and one, who succeeded on Weight Watchers, inspired him.

“I know if I want to be a healthy priest and do what I love doing, serving my church and community, I have to be healthy,” he said.

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How to Lose Weight Well investigates the Baby Food Diet | Diets …

Before starting this crash diet, Emma weighed 11st and 11lbs.

After completing the Baby Food diet for two weeks, she weighed 11st and 7 1/2lbs – losing only 3 1/2lbs in a fortnight.

She said: “I did want to lose a stone, but a loss is a loss and three and a half pounds is still really good.”

An alternative to the Baby Food diet is the Dukan diet, which although does not limit how much you eat, it is still very strict on what you eat.

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The ketogenic diet: Why the HIGH FAT plan results in ‘more effective weight loss’

What are the potential side effects of the diet?

Diet Doctor says t’s almost impossible to reach dangerously high ketone levels – the main exception is type 1 diabetes, where the pancreas does not produce enough insulin. In type 1, it’s very possible to get dangerously high ketone levels just by forgetting to take your insulin injection. There are also other situations like breastfeeding and taking type 2 diabetes medications called SGLT-2 inhibitors that in rare situations can result in too high ketone levels. 

This will result in feeling sick, nauseous and very weak, and can develop into a life-threatening condition called ketoacidosis. 

People transitioning from sugar-burning to fat-burning mode can often experience side effects at the beginning, which is referred to as the veto flu. It’s symptoms are fatigue, nausea, headaches, cramps, and those similar to the flu. 

Diet Doctor suggests two things you can to do to prevent or alleviate this is drink water with salt and lemon or gradually reduce your carbohydrate intake. 

Other dangers, side effects and myths of the ketogenic diet are virtually identical to other strict low-carb diets, including leg cramps, constipationm bad breath and heart palpitations. 

Michael McIntyre has revealed the foods he ate to slim down. 

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9 Lazy-Girl Ways to Lose Weight in Winter Without Even Trying

If forgiving winter clothes and unforgiving temperatures aren’t motivating you to work toward your winter weight-loss goals, don’t sweat it: Winter can work wonders on your body without any of your effort.

Here are all the things you already do in wintertime that reduce overeating and boost your metabolism to burn more fat:

1. Embrace the cold. Turns out your body favors calorie-torching body fat when it’s cold AF. Whether you’re walking your dog outdoors or hoofing it from a far-off parking spot, just exposing yourself to cold temperatures can encourage white body fat — the kind that stores calories, causes inflammation, and messes with your health — to act more like brown fat, the kind that generates heat by burning calories, according to a 2015 study published in The FASEB Journal. Just make sure you’re not exposing yourself to so much cold that you end up putting yourself in danger.

2. Shiver. While feeling supremely cold is The Worst, there is a silver lining — particularly if winter weather has deterred you from going the gym. Shivering for 10 to 15 minutes burns about as many calories as an hour’s worth of moderate exercise, according to a 2014 study published in the journal, Cell Metabolism. Another fun fact to share the next time winter weather strikes: Shivering is actually just muscle contractions, according to the study’s lead author, so it’s like cranking out an involuntary set of bicep curls with no actual effort.

3. Hunker down with a winter cuff. New research reveals how serotonin, the happy hormone, actually makes your body burn more fat. So all the feels you get from your new partner could inadvertently affect the scale.

4. Drink cold water. Good news if you take your water cold, regardless of the season: When you consume liquids that are colder than your core body temperature, your body has to work to warm it up, and it burns extra calories in the process, according to a 2003 study on the metabolic effects of different water temperature published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology Metabolism.

5. Walk on snow. When you walk on snow (or sand, for that matter), you lose the bouncy boost you’d otherwise benefit from when stepping off a solid surface, which means your legs have to work harder. The deeper the snow, the more difficult it is to lift your legs and put one foot in front of the other. On top of that, there’s also the instability of walking on shifty or slippery snow, which requires extra effort too. All of this results in a greater calorie burn than you’d experience on a stable surface, according to a 2007 study that compared the energy output of treadmill walking to treading on varying depths of snow.

6. Bundle up. Those bulky, restricting layers that weigh you down and make it extra hard to move amp up the intensity of every step you take. So simply dressing for brutal weather helps you resistance- and strength-train without ever stepping foot in the gym.

7. Choose soup over salad as a starter. The winter staple takes up so much room in your stomach that it literally fills you up, so you end up eating fewer calories overall when you eat it at the onset of a meal, according to a 2007 Penn State University study. (Because cream-based soups tend to be more calorically dense than broth-based options, opt for the latter to max out on this benefit.)

8. Eat produce that tastes most delicious in winter. It’s almost impossible to overeat low-calorie foods like kale, broccoli, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower, and because they contain so much filling fiber, you won’t have room to overeat higher-calories foods after loading your plate with these seasonal ingredients. So long as your sprouts aren’t deep-fried with bacon crumbles, and your broccoli isn’t drenched in cheesy sauce, filling up on winter’s best foods really benefits your body.

9. Order in instead of eating out. People tend to choose lower-calorie meals when they order their food an hour or more before eating (i.e., when you order dinner ahead of time to account for the time it takes for food delivery) as opposed to ordering right before mealtime (i.e., while sitting in a restaurant), according to a 2016 study published in the Journal of Marketing Research. So it’s a good thing you didn’t want to schlep outside in the cold anyway.

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