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Cosmo’s ‘cancer’ diet plan

Cosmo, the women’s how-to-drive-him-wild-in-bed sex magazine, has gotten itself into hot water today by seemingly advocating cancer as a weight loss strategy.

Technically, cancer does cause weight loss, which is what repelled readers.  The magazine wrote about the woman, pictured above, as someone who lost 44 pounds without *ANY* exercise.  The message implied that Cosmo gals should get themselves some cancer and watch those unwanted pounds melt off.

Actually, it wasn’t as bad as that.

The article described how the woman changed her diet to healthy foods after her diagnosis for a rare form of appendix cancer, which involved surgery and extended time in the hospital.  From there, Cosmo reported that the woman lost weight.  According to the New York Post’s Page Six, the magazine concluded its piece with:

Simone’s weight loss success is proof that ANYONE can lose weight without breaking a sweat simply by eating more mindfully – no gym required.

…before deleting that, and slapping on an only slightly less disgusting headline: “A Serious Health Scare Helped Me Love My Body More Than Ever.”

The damage was done, however.  Some choice tweets, curated by the Washington Post:

Dear Cosmopolitan magazine: ‘Cancer is not a diet plan.’

Ya, my aunt was oh so sexy as she was dying losing weight from cancer @Cosmopolitan. Do you people ever think before you put out stories?

@Cosmopolitan is still struggling to figure out whether it wants to be a serious news outlet, or promote cancer as a way to lose weight.

Nice. The cancer diet plan. It’s like they don’t know #PR is an actual thing .@Cosmopolitan just chillin’ w/ .@united today in #PR hell!

There wasn’t anything factually in error in this piece.  What was revolting was the magazine’s core values.  Never mind the cancer the woman had or whether she could survive it – what mattered to Cosmo was whether she was fat and by extension sufficiently lovable.  Fat is apparently far more of a concern to Cosmo’s editors than whether the woman recovered from cancer.  Even the substitute headline about learning to love her body through weight loss was appalling: if the woman had stayed fat and not lost the weight, would her body somehow be less lovable?

As this tweeter correctly summed the matter up:

How did she do it? She had CANCER! And the weight loss is what @Cosmopolitan focussed on?!?!?! FFS!

Sounds about right.  Some things the rest of us out here just can’t understand.

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South Beach Diet® Names Jessie James Decker as a Brand Ambassador

Beach Diet
®, a division of Nutrisystem Inc., a leading provider of
weight loss products and services, announced today that Jessie James
Decker has been named as a brand ambassador. The singer-songwriter, TV
personality and mom-of-two will appear in a 360-degree marketing
campaign including television, online, digital and social media.

“We are excited to announce that Jessie James Decker has joined our team
as a brand ambassador,” said Keira Krausz, CMO of Nutrisystem, Inc. “We
are confident that Jessie’s authenticity will speak to our customers and
help encourage them to reach their health and weight-loss

“I have been following the principles of the South Beach Diet for quite
some time,” said Decker. “What I love about the new South Beach Diet
program is that not only does it fuel your body with the foods you need,
but it teaches you how to eat to achieve optimal health. I want to help
other women and men live a healthy lifestyle and educate them that
dieting doesn’t have be about deprivation.”

As a busy mom, Decker says the South Beach Diet makes staying healthy

“My days often consist of juggling work while running around after my
kids, and sometimes I forget that I need to focus on myself,” added
Decker. “With the South Beach Diet, I can easily grab a meal, a bar or a
shake, and be confident that I am eating healthy, even on the go.”

Rolling out this year as a new structured meal delivery program, the
South Beach Diet boasts a menu
of nearly 75 frozen and pantry-ready meals and snacks. The most popular
items on the menu include the Beach Shack Chocolate Shake, Blueberry
Ricotta Muffin, Ham Veggie Frittata, Chicken Roma, Home-style Chicken
Brown Rice, and Peanut Butter Chocolate Lunch Bar. The South Beach
Diet program is high in protein, and low in carbohydrates and added

Decker also has her favorites, which she says give her the flexibility
and convenience she needs to eat right.

“I’m a busy mom and I don’t always have the time to cook a big meal. I
love being able to grab the Banana Nut or Blueberry Ricotta Muffins for
breakfast. For lunch, the Vegetable Chili is one of my favorites. And I
can’t seem to get enough of the Toffee Nut Bars. They’re addictive.”

About Jessie James Decker

Superstar country music singer/songwriter and style entrepreneur, Jessie
James Decker began singing at nine years old and was already attracting
attention in Music City for her gritty, genuine vocals by the age of
fifteen. Her 2009 self-titled debut album features the GOLD certified
single “Wanted.” Her two most recent EPs, 2014’s Comin’ Home, and Gold,
released in February 2017 on Epic Records, hit #1 on the iTunes chart
and top 5 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums Chart. Gold includes
Decker’s new hit single, “Lights Down Low.” With over 5 million
followers across her social media, Decker is a massive influencer with a
legion of dedicated fans. Her first nationwide, headlining tour in 2015
sold out almost instantly. With her powerhouse vocals and genuine
personality, Decker is carrying the torch for strong females in country

About South Beach Diet

Acquired by Nutrisystem, Inc. in December 2015, the all-new South Beach
Diet ® launched as a structured weight loss program in January 2017. The
program offers a safe, effective method of weight loss, and introduces
easy-to-follow principles that help achieve long-term optimal health.
The South Beach Diet was created by Dr. Arthur Agatston, a renowned
cardiologist from southern Florida. Published in 2003, “The South
Beach Diet”
became a runaway bestseller, and many of the brand’s
books have appeared on the New York Times bestseller list with
more than 23 million copies in print. Meals in the South Beach Diet
contain no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners and those
designated as Phase 1 are gluten-free. For more information, go to
South Beach Diet Newsroom.

About Nutrisystem, Inc.

Nutrisystem, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTRI)
is a leader in the weight loss industry, having helped millions of
people lose weight over the course of more than 40 years. The Company’s
weight loss solutions include Nutrisystem® Lean13, Fast 5, and Turbo 10,
all clinically tested, structured food delivery programs that integrate
seamlessly with the digital platform NuMi® by Nutrisystem. The Company
offers multi-day kits and individual products at select retail outlets.
The Company also owns and operates the South Beach Diet® as well as
multiple shake lines including NutriCrush® Shakes and Turbo Shakes™.

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Jessie James Decker Didn’t Try to Lose Weight After Her Second Child

Jessie James Decker loves lifting heavy weights, and swears by protein to keep her full and energized throughout the day. But the country music singer and mom of two—Vivienne, 3, and Eric Thomas, 19 months—didn’t always make time for fitness or think about what she was eating.

“I relied on being young and my genetics and I just kind of stayed thin,” Decker tells SELF. But after having kids, she decided it was time to adopt a healthy lifestyle, by consciously eating a healthier diet and working out regularly. “My body looks completely different than it did before kids,” she says. In fact, Decker says she feels healthier and more content with her body than ever before.

“I feel like I have more energy now and I feel more proud of myself because I had two kids and know I really accomplished something.” And, she says, she worked really hard to get to the happy, healthy place she is now. “Every woman has those days where she nit-picks herself, but I feel like there are not as many as there used to be.”

SELF talked with Decker, who is the new brand ambassador of South Beach Diet, and got the scoop on the changes she’s made since becoming a mom, what she’s doing to stay healthy and happy, and why she wasn’t in a rush to lose any weight after delivering her son.

The changes she’s made include being conscious about what she eats and adding exercise into her routine.

“I decided to make a change and focus on [eating more] veggies and just eating really clean, and paying attention to nutrition,” she says.

She decided to partner with South Beach, which offers healthy prepackaged and portioned meals and snacks, to make healthy eating a little easier. “I’m running around with my kids, and there were times I used to forget to feed myself and would it be a problem because I would get exhausted and just crash,” she says. She’s now more conscious of portion sizes when she’s making her own food or eating out.

On a typical day, Decker likes to eat a diet high in protein. Breakfast varies depending on what she’s doing that day. “If I’m in a hurry, I will have the South Beach Ricotta Muffins,” she says. “Some mornings I’ll just have turkey bacon and scrambled eggs.” Either way, she focuses on protein to keep her energized.

View on Instagram

Her favorite lunch: Texas chili. “For dinner, I’ll grill chicken with asparagus and call it a day.” As for snacks? “I love to do almond butter and celery with the kids. If I’m on the run, I’ll have a South Beach Toffee Nut Bar.”

When she decided she was ready to start a fitness routine, she “was open to trying everything,” Decker says. “I work out now a couple times a week, and that’s changed everything.” It took her a while to find what she really liked and what worked for her body, but she says she loves doing weighted circuit training.

“I feel best when I do really quick circuit workouts. I love changing it up, keeping it fast-paced, and lifting heavy weights,” Decker says. After a workout, she’ll have a protein shake.

Decker says she didn’t rush to lose weight immediately after either of her pregnancies—and hates that women feel pressure to do so.

“I hate those unrealistic goals that people place on women. It’s just not right,” Decker says. “It took us nine months to have our babies and put on this weight. I gained 55 pounds with my daughter, so I get it, it’s tough. But you can’t just pop out a baby and expect to be the size you were before, it just doesn’t work like that. I hate that people make women feel that’s what they have to do,” she says. “You can get to all that stuff later when it’s right for you.”

View on Instagram

Decker says she wasn’t ready to even think about losing weight until eight or nine months after her son was born. “I decided not to focus on losing weight until I was done breastfeeding,” she says. “I just paid attention to my body. I’m really in tune with my body and what it needs.” While some women lose weight breastfeeding, others, like Decker, hold onto (or gain) weight. But she didn’t sweat it—and just considered it what her body needed to do to feed her babies.

Now, she’s focusing on what makes her healthy and happy—on her own timeline. “I feel so much more confident now that I changed my lifestyle,” Decker says. “I want women to know that they can do that, too.”

Watch: A 6-Move No-Equipment Workout You Can Do at Home

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Diet Doc Clears up Consumer Misconceptions About the hCG Diet

HOUSTON, TX–(Marketwired – April 13, 2017) – In 2009, nationally-recognized medical weight loss program — Diet Doc, determined that the hCG diet was unfit to use for weight loss purposes based on in-house clinical trials conducted by their team of medical professionals. The hCG diet’s corresponding 500-calorie requirement was also a cause for concern, as reputable doctors are highly unlikely to sign off on such an extreme reduction in calories (even for obese patients). Since the finding, the medical community at large has come to the same conclusion regarding the hCG diet based on a few key points that dieters who are considering it should be aware of:

  • Over-the-counter (OTC) hCG Drops that are sold without a doctor’s prescription has been condemned by the FDA for false advertising, which is in violation of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) policies on false advertising for weight loss products.
  • Most companies that claim to sell hCG products are actually selling hormone-free products, that lack traceable quantities of the human chorionic gonadotropin — hCG hormone.
  • Medical experts have found that weight loss results are due to the diet’s low-calorie intake, not the hormone itself.
  • hCG can have very dangerous side effects such as: pulmonary embolisms, depression, cardiovascular issues, muscle loss and more.
  • Since the hCG diet is based primarily on caloric restriction, once the diet is finished, all weight lost is likely to return.

Any individual who is interested in the hCG diet should instead consider other prescription-based options that are both safe and are proven to work. Diet Doc’s comprehensive list of weight loss medications combined with personalized diet planning will ensure that you are losing weight quickly and without any hazardous health risks. Are you interested in what Diet Doc can offer you? New Diet Doc patients can call or easily and effortlessly visit Diet Doc to complete an initial comprehensive, yet simple, health questionnaire and schedule an immediate personal, no-cost consultation.

Diet Doc’s physicians have all received specialized training in nutritional science and fast weight loss. Diet Doc reviews each patient’s health history to create a personalized diet plan geared for fast weight loss, or that addresses life-long issues causing weight loss to slow down or stop. Nutritionists work personally with each patient and use their own algorithm to craft meal and snack plans that are compatible with each patient’s age, gender, activity level, food preferences, nutritional needs and medical conditions. They combine these state of the art diet plans with pure, prescription diet products that enable their patients to resist the temptation to reach for sugary snacks, eliminate fatigue and curb the appetite. Over 97% of Diet Doc patients report incredible weight loss results with the majority losing 20 or more pounds per month.

At Diet Doc, all patients gain unlimited access to the best minds in the business. Their staff of doctors, nurses, nutritionists and coaches are available 6 days per week to answer questions, offer suggestions, address concerns and lend their professional guidance and support. Because of this, more and more people are turning to Diet Doc for their weight management needs. Diet plans are tailored to be specific to the needs of those of any age, gender, shape or size and for those who are struggling to lose that final 10-20 pounds to those who must lose 100 pounds or more. Call today to request a private, confidential, no-cost online consultation.

About the Company:

Diet Doc Weight Loss is the nation’s leader in medical, weight loss offering a full line of prescription medication, doctor, nurse and nutritional coaching support. For over a decade, Diet Doc has produced a sophisticated, doctor designed weight loss program that addresses each individual specific health need to promote fast, safe and long term weight loss.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DietDocMedical

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DietDocMedicalWeightLoss/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/diet-doc-weight-loss?trk=biz-brand-tree-co-logo

How to maintain a healthy diet on a college campus

Photo courtesy of dieticianweb.com

Keeping up with diet and nutrition is a difficult challenge for anyone, let alone college students who love beer and pizza. Diets are great but much like other addictions such as painkillers and meth, it’s easy to backslide into cheeseburgers. Staying strong will benefit you in the long run, but how can you do that on campus? Here are some helpful diet tips for a variety of picky eaters.

Weight Losers

Photo courtesy of pixabay.com

So you want to lose weight. If you’re looking to lose a healthy amount of weight, a little (a lot) hard work and persistence will go a long way.

The cafeteria has a salad bar that will be pretty decent once you spice it up with some veggies and a little dressing. Aside from that, there’s usually at least one healthy item at the Kitchen like sautéed spinach or kale. The hardest part here will just be avoiding eye contact with the pizza bar.

Chop’d Wrap’d is the healthiest option outside of the cafeteria with salads and wraps galore. Be careful though as they’ll pour the dressing until you say stop. Don’t let your salad or wrap turn into soup. Stay away from adding too much fun stuff like bacon bits and croutons as well.

UNF nutrition instructor, Andrea Altice, gave some helpful advice for a variety of diets.

“Get [foods] with whole grains whether it’s whole grain cereal or whole wheat bread,” said Altice. “Things with fiber, like fresh fruit and vegetables, keep you full and that will help with people trying to lose a few pounds.”

Altering your diet to include whole grains and fruit is easy. When ordering a wrap or a sandwich, make sure to ask for wheat — simple as that. And why not put some fruit on the side? Almost every eatery on campus has apples or bananas for sale.

Maintaining a lean diet is important, but the weight won’t go away on its own. Exercise and diet go hand-in-hand and working out at least four to six times a week will produce happy results. After you lose the extra weight, you may want to take the next step: putting on muscle.

Muscle Builders

Photo courtesy of pixabay.com

Curls get girls and tris get guys, it’s true, but gains are impossible without a proper diet to go along with your workout. Luckily most locations on campus have at least one option for the nerds who want some muscle.

Protein (brotein) is going to be your best friend through this process. Some good sources of protein include peanut butter, milk and meat. The type of meat is important though. Try to get in the habit of screaming and running when you see fried chicken or any other kind of meat. It has protein, yes, but you are far better off with lean meats such as grilled chicken or fish.

Chop’d Wrap’d has the leanest and greenest options on campus. Build your own salad, build your own wraps, choose your protein (always pick grilled chicken), and you’ll be putting things inside you that make your body happy and healthy.

For those who really want to bulk, however, the cafeteria is the way to go. Find the grill in the back left and take as much grilled chicken as you like–after all, it’s a buffet. The kitchen to the right of that usually has veggies like spinach or kale, and of course the salad bar works here too (though it isn’t as good as Chop’d Wrap’d).

Altice says that one of the most important parts of staying strong is a large carb intake.

“People are usually saying that carbs are bad because they are trying to lose weight, when in fact you need at least 50 percent of your calories coming from carbohydrates; that’s the bulk of getting your energy,” said Altice. “You should not be cutting out carbohydrates to lose weight.”

The main focus here is to eat a lot, but eat healthy. Working out every day will increase your appetite exponentially and what better place to satiate that hunger than a buffet filled with protein (brotein).


Photo courtesy of pixabay.com

This will be by far the hardest diet to maintain with an on-campus diet. You might run into some locations that don’t cater to vegans at all. The cafe’ does have plenty of options for those of you with meal plans.

All the way in the back right corner is the vegan bar. This tiny bar has only three stations, but they are full of food catered specifically to vegans. Choices like tofu stew, vegetable paella, kale and other tasty, animal-free treats.

The most important thing for vegans is to make sure you are getting enough of three main nutrients: protein, iron and B12. Protein can be found in tofu, beans, tofu, nuts and peanut butter…and tofu. So basically if you don’t like tofu, you will have a hard time being a vegan.

For B12, Altice recommends a supplement for vegans because it comes from animals. These can be bought for cheap from Publix or Walgreens.

Iron comes from red meats, chicken and fish. Altice recommends using an iron skillet to cook dried beans and peas which will absorb the iron from the cooking ware.

Cheat Day

Photo courtesy of flickr.com

Everybody needs a cheat day too. Sorry, but diet or no diet, you can’t just quit pizza cold turkey. Take a Sunday or Saturday every week to have some pizza at the cafeteria or Papa John’s. If you want to stay healthy while also cheating a bit, get a quesadilla from Chick-N-Grill. They taste like Christmas morning and you can fill em’ up with veggies.

Altice knows the importance of cheat days too.

“I know you have cravings for pizza and Chick-fil-A and that’s okay. If you’re having it once in awhile that’s fine. Pizza is okay but it’s about what you put on it. Don’t put any high fat products on there. Put hamburger instead of pepperoni or use turkey pepperoni,” said Altice.

Take it from someone who used to eat whole pizzas every chance he got, switching to a healthier diet makes you feel better inside and out. Whether you want to gain muscle, lose fat, or go vegan, you will become a better version of yourself. What’s not to like about more energy throughout the day? At the very least, you’ll be able to complain about having to stick to a strict eating regimen. And you’ll have that cheat day to look forward to as well.

For more information or news tips, or if you see an error in this story or have any compliments or concerns, contact [email protected].

Marlins right fielder Giancarlo Stanton discusses his diet, including a healthy dose of vegetables and his cheat foods

We caught up with the Marlins slugger to find out just what he eats to fuel all of those home runs.

MLB.com: How do you monitor your diet?

Stanton: I don’t count calories. I just try to see how hungry I am, see when was the last time I ate, because sometimes you get busy and you forget to eat or forget to catch up here and there. It depends on the day, on how much work I’ve done that day, if it’s cold or hot or whatever. Vegetables and vitamins are the most important things to me, because it’s easy to catch up on protein by drinking a shake.

MLB.com: What do you eat pre-workout?

Stanton: I don’t lift early in the morning because I like to sleep, and I’m not too hungry in the morning, so I’ll just do a nutritional shake or some protein when I wake up for breakfast. Something to make sure I have enough energy to get me through my workout, and then I’ll have the meal post-workout. My favorite healthy meal would be salmon or grilled chicken and broccoli. I like broccoli and spinach, and that’s about it for the green vegetables.

MLB.com: What do you eat pregame?

Stanton: I don’t like to play feeling heavy or bloated, so if I’m hungry, I’ll snack on fruit or granola. Usually I like fruit, because it feels like I didn’t eat anything but I’m still full. But granola, that would be my go-to snack, with a bunch of cinnamon on it and raisins. It used to be Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Puffs, but that was before. Those were the days.

MLB.com: Has your diet changed over the years?

Stanton: I wasn’t educated on diet when I was younger. I’ve done a lot of research and learned to be smarter, and I’ve felt good doing it. In the offseason, I have a chef, but not during the season. The Marlins have one at home.

MLB.com: Is there anything you won’t eat?

Stanton: I don’t like to eat beef too often, unless it’s grass-fed. And I don’t eat beans.

MLB.com: What are your favorite cheat foods?

Stanton: On an off-day I’ll eat whatever I want. My favorite cheat meals are Oreo shakes, Cinnabons and Kit Kats. Usually chocolate. And when I go home, my mom makes my old-school favorites. She always says, “Come over, I’ll cook for you,” and I say, “Don’t cook, I’m in training!” She makes ranchera, which is a way of making beef with spices and salsa, and she makes my favorite potatoes. That’s bad. I don’t eat a lot of white potatoes. For carbohydrates, I’ll eat sweet potatoes, rice or fruit.

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