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8 “Vices” That Actually Help You Lose Weight

Sinful Tip: Avoid lower-calorie margarines and butter “spreads” that are made of trans fat—they’ve been directly linked to weight gain and gut fat. And while you’re in the dairy aisle, blast your belly fat deliciously with these essential Best Brand-Name Yogurts for Weight Loss.

Weight-Loss Vice #4: Slurp Your Pasta

Strange but true: You can actually burn calories by eating pasta. The trick: you have to put it in the fridge first. The drop in temperature changes the nature of the carbs in the noodles into “resistant starch,” meaning your body has to work harder to digest it (the pasta “resists” being digested, get it?) Cold pasta is closer in structure to natural resistant starches like lentils, peas, beans and oatmeal, which pass through the small intestine intact, keeping you fuller for longer. One study found that including this kind of fiber can increase feelings of fullness by over 50 percent! And another study showed that resistant starches can even help the body burn body fat.

Sinful Tip: You’ve got to eat it cold: Once you heat the pasta up again, you destroy the resistant starch.

Weight-Loss Vice #5: Cheat

No, we’re not talking about your relationship or your taxes. But cheating on your diet could be the key to busting through a weight-loss plateau. In fact a recent study found overweight dieters who ate a large breakfast that included a dessert lost 15 pounds over the course of 16 weeks, while study participants who ate a small, no-dessert breakfast gained an average of 24 pounds over the same time frame. Researchers say that it wasn’t the morning dessert itself that made the difference; it was simply the fact that they gave the dieters permission to enjoy their favorite foods.

Sinful Tip: Want to get even more pleasure from a “non diet” treat? Make it yourself! People who are involved in the cooking process report foods to be tastier and more satisfying. Stock your pantry—and lose up to 16 pounds in 14 days—with this list of The 9 Best Flat-Belly Superfoods, compliments of Zero Belly Diet.

Weight-Loss Vice #6: Hit the Snooze Button

Ever feel guilty because you took a nap? You weren’t being lazy—you were training! No matter how many calories you dodge, how many miles you log, or how many pounds you press, it won’t get you anywhere near your weight loss goals unless you’re also getting enough quality sleep. When you don’t get enough shut-eye, researchers say, you’re more likely to munch on junk food, especially at night. In fact, a recent study found when teenagers lost just one hour of sleep, they consumed, on average, an extra 200 calories—that’s nearly a half pound of weight gain per week if you make it a daily habit!

Sinful Tip: Besides getting your 8 hours a night, keep your sleep schedule regular. People who maintain an unvarying sleep routine have lower body fat levels than those who keep irregular sleep hours.

Weight-Loss Vice #7: Eat More Chocolate

U.C. San Diego researchers found that adults who regularly eat chocolate are actually thinner than those who ate chocolate less often, regardless of exercise or calorie intake (the chocolate fans actually took in more calories each day). Coincidentally, researchers say the belly-slimming properties of chocolate are actually unlocked in our gut, where good bacteria ferment cocoa into anti-inflammatory compounds that can “turn off” genes linked to obesity.

Sinful Tip: Look for dark chocolate with at least 74 percent cocoa solids. For our list of the best sweet and salty treats, bookmark our all-new 50 Best Snacks For Weight Loss.

Weight-Loss Vice #8 Soak Up the Sun

Oh, were you not in the gym at lunch time? Thought you’d sneak out and lie on a park bench for an hour? You might have made the right weight-loss move. Sunshine slims us down by triggering our bodies to produce more vitamin D, the “the sunshine vitamin” that’s hard to get from food alone. In one study, overweight women who restored their vitamin D to healthy levels via supplementation lost 7 more pounds over the course of 12 months than women in a placebo group.

Sinful Tip: To maximize your benefits, soak up some rays before noon: A recent study found people who were exposed to just 20 minutes of bright light in the morning had significantly lower body mass index (BMI) than those who had most of their light exposure late in the day—regardless of how much they ate.

By David Zinczenko

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