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Best Miami Diet Plan For Men and Women Made Available for Free

(Newswire.net — November 13, 2014)  Miami, FL — Miami and southern Floridians have always been conscience about how they look all year round due to the beautiful warm weather which allows people to show off their bodies.  Some people have turned to dangerous diet pills, extreme exercise programs, and even surgery to change the way they look.

The problem that many face is that none of those options are actually a solution, and are more often a band aid to the existing problem.  Sure, everyone knows that a healthy diet is the key to long lasting weight loss.  However, most diets don’t offer a long term lifestyle solution that is easily followed for the long term.  Not only that, most diets don’t work with the body with the timing of meals to maximize fat loss through the bodies own hormones.  Recent research and results from the worlds top authorities on diet and nutrition have found that manipulating diet through intermittent fasting is the key to simple dieting that nearly anyone can follow.

Most people aren’t aware of what intermittent fasting is and may even have a negative connotation in their head already because of the term “fasting”. Now there is a simple yet effective fat loss program accessible for men and women in Miami and Southern Florida for mobile download on PDF

Many ask what is so special about this new diet being offered in Miami, and what makes it different?  The answer is in the simplicity.  Keeping it simple without having to spend so much time in food preparation of meals makes this diet plan the easiest to follow.  And if a diet plan can be followed, it will yield results.  Most diets don’t work because people quit and give up.  This new solutions lays out a healthy plan combining intermittent fasting, delicious milk shakes, and a healthy meal everyday.  To top it off and furthur relieve dieting stress there are structured “cheat days” that allow a person to eat their favorite foods without worry.  The “cheat day” then alleviates mental stress which is typically a key reason for most people quitting their weight loss diet plans.

A simple schedule that anyone can follow, plus the addition of cheat days, and the bodies hormones working for maximum fat loss creates a synergistic effect that can’t be beat.  For people that don’t like having to spend hours exercising and doing cardio they will be happy to know that a simple 30 minute walk per day is enough exercise on this plan.

The free diet program is currently being featured this week in Miami but is available to anyone by mobile download.  This innovative intermittent fasting diet plan can be downloaded here: http://1DayDiet.net


About: DietRecommendations.com offers diet and weight loss advice and directs readers to free solutions.  Most recently they published a news article on natural herbs that lower blood sugar naturally.



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