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Can You Diet Your Way to a Celebrity Body?

Liz Taylor put peanut butter on her steak and ate tuna mixed with grapefruits.  She didn’t really believe in exercise.  She loved a drink combining Kahlua, vodka and hersheys syrup and ate a blue cheese dip in the afternoons.  And with this philosophy, she wrote a best selling diet book! I lost a bunch of weight on this diet despite the lack of movement because it was so disgusting. 

Victoria Beckham, aka “Posh Spice” reportedly followed a diet called “The Five Hands Diet” which requires eating five hand sized portions of protein a day, mixed with unlimited vegetables.  The “hand” of the title, happens to be more “palm-sized” which is a bit disappointing.  I was absolutely starving on this diet. A hand is not much food at all. I am still hungry thinking about it.

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We eat like celebrities, we buy their books, we get face transplants and cheek implants and forehead implants.  Why?  Because they have what we want!  And they have extolled the illusory path of how to get it.  

Do these paths work?  Can you look like Kim Kardashian just by doing squats? It’s hard to say.  Did I end up with Marilyn Monroe, Beyonce or Madonna’s body after doing their diets? Nope. Did I lose weight on some of these diets? Yes. And then I entered my real world and ate a slice of pizza. Celebrities must not eat pizza, which is really a shame.  

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What’s more interesting to me is looking at our obsession with celebrity in a broader context. Why do we act like a diet is the ultimate expression of a celebrities’ essence?  Now that there are more and more visual mediums where you, yourself, are a celebrity to your small coterie of friends, is it more important to look perfect than ever before? 

All I can say is that I learned a lot about how hard it is to diet like a celebrity.  Most eat in a quite regimented way. Celebrities might have something to teach us.  I just don’t know what it is.   It is definitely not something about nutrition.  

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