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Controversial diet guru who eat 5lb of potatoes in one go says single-food …

Katy Winter

05:01 EST, 21 May 2014


10:42 EST, 21 May 2014

Most popular diets advocate as much variety and colour at each meal as possible. But a  controversial self-proclaimed diet ‘guru’, known as Freelee the Banana Girl, has a different view.

She believes that meals consisting only of a massive quantity of  a single ingredient – known as ‘mono meals’ – are the key to an ultra-lean body. She says she regularly consumes up to 5lb of potatoes in one go and remains a slender size 8.

Australian Freelee, 34, who claims she went from 11st 2lbs to 8st on this regime, has already courted attention with her claims that she eats up to 51 bananas a day as part of a high-carbohydrate, low-fat, raw and vegan diet.

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Australian Freelee, 34, who claims she went from 11st 4lbs (left) to 8st (right) on this regime, has already courted attention with her claims that she eats up to 51 bananas a day as part of her unusual diet which sees her following an extreme, low-processed, low-fat, high-carb raw vegan diet

Freelee posted this snap of a huge number of mangoes against the background of her incredibly flat stomach

Sporting a washboard flat stomach and
lean limbs, it is easy to see why many have been won over,  especially since a
key point of her diet is never to restrict calories. Dietitians, however, say mono meals are not conducive to health or weight loss.

Consuming between 2500 and 5000 calories a day,  Freelee remains ‘raw until four’ – meaning she eats no cooked or heated food until 4pm.

Freelee claims that adopting her low-fat, high-carbohydrate, raw, vegan diet saw her shed 3st 2lbs as well as
clearing up her acne, chronic fatigue syndrome, low thyroid function and
terrible digestion.

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Freelee claims that adopting diet also cleared up her acne, chronic fatigue syndrome, low thyroid function and terrible digestion

She usually eats ‘mono meals’ consisting of a huge amount of a single fruit, such as two entire pineapples, five mangoes, two litres of orange juice, 1.4kg of apricots, or 20 bananas.

Speaking to Mail Online Freelee says: ‘When you eat simply (like one type of fruit only at a time) vitamin and mineral absorption is maximised therefore more nutrition becomes available to the brain which in turn satisfies the body’s nutritional requirements and stops cravings for junk foods.

‘I would say 90 per cent of my meals are mono meals.

‘Eating one type of fruit/plant food only for a meal is very healthy because it simplifies and optimises digestion.

Freelee claims that despite the high calorie and carbohydrate content of her diet, it has helped her to achieve her enviable body

Freelee shows followers an average potato mono meal which is over 4lb of plain spuds chopped up, and either boiled or baked and eaten plain

‘Most of
the body’s energy goes towards digesting food so when we eat meals that
contain several different foods the body has to work harder not only to
process the complicated combination but to extract the nutrition it

freed up energy from eating mono meals can then instead go towards
healing/cleaning/detoxing the rest of the body and organs, eliminating
excess weight and that’s why many people report glowing skin and high
energy levels eating mono meals.

advantage is just one type of digestive enzyme is needed to process the
meal. If you look to nature you will see that animals in the wild always
eat mono meals and do not suffer the same digestive problems or weighty
issues as we humans commonly do. Antacids are one of the most commonly
purchased over the counter medication for a reason!’

Freelee, who has suffered both anorexia and bulimia in the past but now says she she’s fully recovered, claims this kind of gorging is the natural way humans were designed to

Freelee says that the type of foods she eats in her mono meals is why, despite the high calorie consumption, she remains so slim

our ‘tribe’ came to an abundant mango tree in nature, we would have
happily filled our bellies with only mangoes and then moved on to the
next location. This is what I largely replicate on the raw till four

you switch to a high-carb, plant-based lifestyle one of the benefits is
that you get to eat big! For me this is a treat because I love to eat
abundantly and I get to stay slim and healthy. The reason you get to eat
larger volume meals on this lifestyle is because plant foods are high
in fibre and water but are low in calories.

products have no fibre and are low in water and high in fat and
calories so less volume is needed therefore you don’t get to eat as
much. It’s normal for me to eat a fruit mono meal of 8-10 mangoes or
10-15 bananas (I weigh 8st) in one sitting, someone bigger would of course need more.

you eat a large mono meal of plants foods you will leave the table
feeling satisfied and not craving fat-gaining junk food because your
cells and brain have received the clean source of
nutrition/carbohydrates that they require for optimal function.’

A key point of Freelee’s diet is never to restrict calories, often eating well over daily calorie recommendations

In a similar vein, Freelee says that the
type of foods she eats in her mono meals is why, despite the high
calorie consumption and eating huge amounts of foods most dieters avoid such as potatoes, she remains so slim.

‘Calories are NOT created
equally.  My calorie intake hasn’t changed much since I was 73kgs (11st 4lb) but
the source of my calories has and that’s what enabled me to drop over 20
kgs (3st 1lb).

‘Take twins for instance, put one on a daily diet of 3000 calories
from McDonalds/junk food and put the other one on 3000 calories from
clean fruits and vegetables. All other variables stay the same. Do you
think they will be the same slimness? No way!

‘The fruit and veg eater
will always be slimmer and of course healthier. Insulin levels need to
be taken into account as well. This diet keeps insulin levels very low
and that’s why all long term RT4er’s are very slim regardless of fitness

Freelee also says that contrary to what many might think, she doesn’t feel overly full after her mono meals.

Freelee enjoying a mono meal made up of 9lb or oranges, juiced to make about 2 litres

I first started this lifestyle I was bloated for the first week or so
but it wasn’t the diets fault it was because I still had other slow
digesting foods (like animal products) in my colon and the fast
digesting fruit I was eating would run into that stagnant food and mix

‘This would cause a science experiment in my gut which would
cause bloating, gas and digestive distress. Within a few weeks my
stomach was flatter than ever! It’s totally normal to have a round full
buddha belly after eating your high carb vegan meals and I regularly
show this in my videos on youtube.

‘My full belly goes down within a half
hour or so or generally when I go and pee as it’s mostly water.

important thing to remember is that it’s not fat but fibre and water
filling out your belly region.

‘Go to bed like Buddha, wake up like Gandhi on this lifestyle!’

the idea of mono meals is not supported by many dieticians, who as well
as saying it encourages abandonment of portion control, argue it can
lead to nutrient deficiency and has no proven benefits when it comes to
weight loss.

British Dietetic Association spokesperson, Chris Cashin says: ‘It is an unusual concept just eating one food at a meal.

As well as mono meals Freelee advocates a mainly raw, low fat vegan diet at all times

‘It is likely that it would result in meals being based around one nutrient.

‘As an example, eating only bananas would provide carbohydrate, a small amount of protein and no fat.

‘It would also mean that there would not be a broad spread of micro nutrients. It would not make eating or pleasurable experience.’

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Beachside, United States,

3 hours ago

She looked better before.


Hotlanta, United States,

5 hours ago

this is a bit intriguing and her findings seem to be similar to the diet advice found in author Dee McCaffrey’s books. She advises consuming whole foods, though not necessarily making each meal consist of a single ingredient. However, that makes sense why it would work.


Las Vegas, United States,

9 hours ago

Anyone who is bashing her views is purely ignorant and doesn’t want to deal with the fact that they are fat and sick themselves. At least she’s not teaching pharmaceutical addiction like all these “professionals” you trust!


Willemstad, United Kingdom,

13 hours ago

There’s a book for that: Beverly Hills Diet or Pineapple Diet. Back then pineapple was the fruit of choice but pineapple is a high glycemic food so expect migraines. So the mangoes replaces the pineapple. Don’t try eating only bread all day though – try keeping the carbs as simple as possible.

2 of 3 repliesSee all replies


Aarhus C, Denmark,

6 hours ago

I have cured my chronic migraines with a Raw Till 4 Vegan diet.


Aarhus C, Denmark,

6 hours ago

I cured my chronic migraines after 4 months on a Raw Till 4 Vegan diet.

John Craftenworth,

Fargo, United States,

14 hours ago

You can argue that monomeals would be boring, but if you eat different food items throughout the day for your monomeals, you will still be getting nutritional variety and different micronutrients. The idea is not to mix them together at the same meal, NOT to avoid eating different food items throughout the day.



15 hours ago

Since when was a diet consisting of natural fruits and vegetables extreme? You know what is extreme? Being so fat that you can’t tie your own shoe laces, having your stomach cut open on an operating table because you have to have a heart bypass, popping 7 different types of pills everyday because you are that ill. Freelea and people like myself that follow this lifestyle are extreme, we are extremely healthy!


florence, Italy,

16 hours ago

Her body looked pretty damned good before, just FYI us men like a lil meat on the bones.

2 of 3 repliesSee all replies

Richard Skolek,

Wollongong, Australia,

3 hours ago

Speak for yourself.

Richard Skolek,

Wollongong, Australia,

3 hours ago

Speak for yourself.


Sibiu, Romania,

16 hours ago

Bananas contain a very high quantity of sugar in it (aprox 14 gr sugar/100 gr). I’m surprised she didn’t get a diabetic coma after eating those :)) Crazy anyway!

Craig William Hunt,

London, United Kingdom,

9 hours ago

Are you joking? That dated idea has been proven wrong many times by qualified doctors. It’s not the sugar that’s the problem, it’s what People eat with it. Every cell in your body runs on sugar.


Beaumont, United States,

9 hours ago

Sugar doesn’t cause diabetes. Diabetes is a condition in which the body cannot regulate insulin levels. The sugar isn’t being absorbed into the cells but rather left in the blood stream which caused high blood sugar. I never thought that eating fruits and veggies was crazy.


uk, United Kingdom,

17 hours ago

Sounds like she has just swapped one form of dysfunctional obsessinve eating for another.


Oxford, United Kingdom,

9 hours ago

dysfunctional is eating corpses


oslo, Norway,

17 hours ago

Unhealthy, disinformative and disgusting. She may look skinny now, but in ten years her body will start showing all the sgns of her wrong diet

2 of 6 repliesSee all replies


Boston, United States,

9 hours ago

What is wrong with the way her skin and hair looks? That just seems like you randomly had to make an insult based on nothing. Please tell me what is wrong with her skin and hair. LOL You detest here because you are absolutely uneducated about health and nutrition. You think all the lies you have been told your whole life are true. Well open your eyes wake up and educate yourself before forming an opinion. Teaching the young ones the wrong thing that makes me laugh, you are teaching the young ones wrong things and leading to the demise of the human race

Craig William Hunt,

London, United Kingdom,

9 hours ago

Really! There are many long term high carb vegans around. Exactly how long term are you basing your view on? Google Harley Johnson.

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