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Diet Plan: 15 Foods that Fight Belly Fat

There are some foods that can help burn fat while exercising. These are said to help increase the metabolism or help the body stay fuller for a longer period of time, reports Cooking Light. Meanwhile, Elle states that some fat fighting foods can also help release hormones that rid the body of toxins, which make it difficult to burn fat. Below is a list of foods that can help burn belly fat.  

#1: Berries 

According to Cooking Light, research showed that berries contain a type of flavonoid which can increase the levels of the adiponectin hormone in the body; thereby stimulating the fat burning process. 

#2: Oatmeal 

Eating fiber-rich oatmeal will help fight off cravings because the body stays full longer, states Good Housekeeping. However, stay away from oatmeal with added sugary flavors.  

#3: Kale 

This vegetable helps rid the body of toxins and suppresses hunger, reports Elle. According to the site, about four cups of kale can help stimulate the liver’s “detoxification pathways for 48 hours.” 

#4: Eggs 

Eating eggs in the morning can help burn fat because these are full of protein. A study found that dieters who have eggs for breakfast versus a bagel lost 65 percent more weight, reports Cooking Light. 

#5: Nuts 

According to a study conducted by Purdue University, nuts help people stay full longer than rice cakes. Good Housekeeping suggests eating 24 almonds a day to stay full.  

#6: Broccoli Rabe 

This vegetable contains pytonurient sulforaphane which stimulates an enzymes that communicates to cells to burn fat, states Elle. 

#7: Greek Yogurt 

Greek yogurt has twice the protein and less than half the sugar of regular yogurts, says Cooking Light. A study revealed that people who ate 24 ounces of fat free yogurt lost an average of over 81 percent belly fat. 

#8:  Oil 

Good Housekeeping advises using monounsaturated fats while cooking, such as olive or canola oil, to control hunger. 

#9: Avocados 

Avocados are a triple threat to fat, according to Elle. Like oil, it contains monounsaturated fats. It increases the communication between cells and fat-burning hormones while turning off fat storage hormones. Plus, it can boost the metabolism. 

#10: Green and Oolong Tea 

According to Cooking Light, tea is a double threat to fat because it contains both caffeine and catechins which help boost the metabolism and fat burning mechanism. 

#11: Beans and Legumes 

Beans and legumes are full of protein and fiber which help the body lose weight and tone up, reports Good Housekeeping. 

#12: Wild Salmon 

Elle reports that wild salmon can “improve insulin sensitivity, which shrinks fat from your waistline.” In addition, the fish can boost the metabolism by activating the thyroid hormone. 

#13: Whole Grains 

Certain carbs contain fiber that can keep hunger at bay such as whole grains, reports Good Housekeeping. 

#14: Oysters 

Oysters help decrease the appetite, states Elle. They are also low in calories and help fight PMS-related cravings. 

#15: Peanut Butter 

Good Housekeepings states that PB contains Niacin, “which keeps the digestive system on track and prevents belly bloat.” However, the site suggests having only two tablespoons because PB has a lot of fat. 


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