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Diet plan strategy for Sunday’s big game


While their eyes may be glued to the TV during most of the Super Bowl, millions of Americans will find time to sneak to the snack table, drink in hand.

“I am sure people are over indulging,” Cindy Heslop, Mercy Health – Youngstown dietitain said. “One time a year, that is what people look forward to. It is like when you go to a Super Bowl party, you kind of know what is going to be there in front of you.”

In fact, while watching the big game, the average American eats a days worth of calories and fat – 2,400 calories and 81 grams of fat.

If you’re not concerned with the numbers, feel free to hop to the front of the snack line. But if you do want to avoid derailing your diet Heslop has a few suggestions.

First, when it comes to what you are eating, Heslop says planning ahead is the best strategy. Don’t starve yourself before the party – that leads to over-eating. Instead, Heslop suggests eating a nutritious meal or snack to fill yourself up before the party.

“I am not going to sit here and tell people not to enjoy their favorite foods, but even at the party, when you are enjoying your chicken wings, make sure you are eating maybe three celery sticks for every chicken wing,” Heslop said. “You can play mind games with yourself to keep it healthy and still enjoy your foods.”

The second thing to remember? Be picky. Scan the buffet table and choose only your favorite foods. Avoid piling on snacks you are not crazy about.

And the third tip? Location, location, location! Sitting away from the buffet table may help some people avoid multiple trips for food.

Heslop also says if temptation poses too much of a threat, you could bring your own healthy dish to the party to be sure you are staying on track.

And if you’re looking to chase your meal down with a cold beer, Heslop says you might want to think again.

Imported brews and high alcohol content beers can contain more than 300 calories per bottle.

When it comes to beverages, Heslop suggests drinking at least 1 glass of water for every alcoholic drink. And if would really light to enjoy a beer, light beer has fewer calories.

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