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Dr. Phil unveils new weight loss diet plan with 20 fat-blasting foods

For those who are already trying to get bikini-beach-blanket ready, talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw has created a new diet plan. It’s called “The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality”.

He recently visited “The Doctors” to explain how it works.

“The truth is you just simply have to use food for the right reason. If you use food for nutritional purposes, you’re in good shape,” said Dr. Phil. “The problem is when you use food to celebrate, when you use food because you are lonely, you use food because you are depressed, you use food because you are happy.”

For those who turn to food for emotional reasons rather than true hunger, Dr. Phil offers hope in his book.

But he discovered that real hunger can also cause diet failure, based on a survey across the nation to determine the cause of diet failure. And the statistics were shocking: 40 percent of people who lose weight gain 100 percent of the weight back within 90 days.

But it’s hunger, not emotional problems, that cause them to fail, Dr. Phil discovered. “People on diets get hungry, and you know what? Hungry people are going to eat,” points out Dr. Phil. “If we put you on a diet where you are hungry, you’re going to eat anything that is dead or seriously slowed down.”

Other common causes of diet failure include feeling bored, craving certain foods, cost of food on some diet plans, and lack of time to prepare complex diet meals, says Dr. Phil. He challenges conventional diet programs.

“Most of the things that you are asked to do are impractical, and they are expensive, so you say, ‘I’ve got kids, I’ve got a job, I’ve got stuff. I can’t do all of this, but I’ll go by and pick something up,'” he declared.

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