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Grimsby pharmacy offers renowned weight loss…

If you feel that you are struggling with being overweight, Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy in Grimsby, Ontario has a remarkable weight loss program that is medically designed and proven to help you lose weight and keep that weight off.

It’s called the Ideal Protein Diet and it’s recommended in over 3,000 professional establishments around the world. Also referred to as the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method, the program was developed over 20 years ago and is essentially a science-based weight-loss system that helps people achieve and maintain weight loss goals through diet and lifestyle education. What’s more, this renowned program offers delicious foods and recipes!

The program is based on a thorough understanding of insulin dysfunction in the body, particularly as it applies to the North American diet. This typically disproportionate diet frequently leads to weight gain, due largely to the abundance of grains, sugars, and saturated fats. These foods create in the pancreas an overabundance of insulin, which in turn puts blood sugar levels in a negative balance. This overproduction of insulin tends to lead to other factors, such as sugar (food) cravings, which results in a vicious cycle involving weight gain.

The program involves:

Weight loss while retaining muscle mass;

An understanding of the way food is metabolized by the body and why fat storage occurs;

Regular lifestyle education and guidance;

A personalized program to establish weight-loss goals, based on your profile.

The Ideal Protein Diet offers something that is both rewarding and enjoyable to participants: weight-loss results with great food. A remarkable amount of culinary care has gone into the preparation of food products and recipes for the program. There’s a wonderful assortment of delectable instant and ready-to-serve products as well as easy-to-prepare recipes. The value of this is priceless: exceptional food that is specifically designed for you to enjoy while helping you reach your weight loss goals!

Losing weight has significant benefits. Improved blood sugar, lower cholesterol, and reduced blood pressure are just a few of the health benefits that add to an improved lifestyle and feeling of wellbeing. The Ideal Protein Diet is a carefully designed program that has been created for your health profile – and it’s available at the Grimsby Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy.

For more information, contact the Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy (pharmacy no. 256) in Grimsby by calling 905-309-9992, Rx phone is also 905-309-9992 or send an email to [email protected] The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy is located at 63 Main Street West, Grimsby, Ontario.

Read more at www.medicineshoppe.ca.

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