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Healthier Diet program Could Curb Dysfunction that Leads to Cardiovascular …

By David Douglas

NEW YORK (Reuters Wellness) – A eating plan rich in fish, fruit, and vegetables may perhaps reduce endothelial dysfunction and low-grade inflammation and therefore lead to less cardiovascular disease (CVD), according to Dutch researchers.

quotOur study shows for the very very first time that a healthy diet plan influences beneficially an critical approach that leads to heart disease. Such an effect might be even stronger in these with diabetes and (or) cardiovascular disease currently,quot Dr. Ronald M. A. Henry, of the Cardiovascular Research Institute Maastricht in the Netherlands, told Reuters Wellness by email.

quotEndothelial dysfunction and low-grade inflammation play critical roles in the development of CVD,quot the investigators wrote in their December 31 on-line paper in The Journal of Nutrition. quotDietary modification of these phenomena may constitute a mechanism via which CVD may be prevented.quot

Dr. Henry and colleagues note that such a diet, moderate in alcohol and low in dairy solutions and meat, apparently has cardiovascular rewards but the underlying mechanisms are unclear.

To investigate further, the group carried out a longitudinal cohort study of 557 subjects with a imply age of almost 60 years at baseline who had an enhanced cardiovascular disease danger.

The team utilized a validated meals frequency questionnaire to ascertain consumption of fish, vegetables, fruit, alcohol-containing beverages, dairy solutions, and meat.

They also measured an extensive array of biomarkers of each endothelial dysfunction (such as von Willebrand issue) and low-grade inflammation (like C-reactive protein and serum amyloid A).

They repeated the course of action seven years later. They found that a greater consumption of fish, but not total consumption of the other five dietary elements, was connected with a reduced general endothelial dysfunction score. They discovered no associations with the all round low-grade inflammation score.

Additional analyses indicated that consumption of additional lean fish and raw vegetables and fewer higher-fat dairy items was associated with less endothelial dysfunction.

They also found that consumption of extra fresh fruit, wine, and poultry and fewer higher-fat dairy solutions was related with significantly less low-grade inflammation.

Provided these findings, say the researchers, such dietary components quotmay modify processes that are crucial in atherothrombosis and thereby favorably influence the improvement of cardiovascular illness.quot

Thus, concluded Dr. Henry, quotIt seems that our mother’s plea at the table to eat healthilyquot by like vegetables and the other issues we dreaded over most as kids, quotmade far more than sense. In particular if 1 takes into account that diet is such a lifelong ‘risk’ aspect.quot

The authors report to external funding or disclosures.

Source: http://bit.ly/1DKGdtN

J Clin Nutr 2014.

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