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Here’s Why You Aren’t Losing Weight

So you’ve cut back on sweets and started exercising — but you’re still not losing weight. What gives? Read on for some of the surprising reasons the scale isn’t budging.




1. You’re Stressed.

When your body is stressed, you release a hormone called cortisol, which regulates things like blood sugar and metabolism. It can also make you hungry and lead to weight gain. Reducing stress is not only good for your mental well-being. It’s also good for your waistline.


2. You’re Underestimating How Much You Eat.

Time and again, research has shown that people underestimate the amount of calories they’ve consumed. Don’t fall in to this trap! Try writing down everything you eat for a period of time, even if it’s just a handful of mm’s or a sip of your partner’s soda. Another tried-and-true method is to weigh out your food instead of relying on estimates. And it’s not just us dieters that underestimate our calorie intake, either: one study found that even dietitians underestimate their own calorie intake by about 10 percent.  


3. Your Thyroid is Out of Whack. 

There could be a medical reason that you’re not losing weight, and one of the most common is issues with the thyroid gland, which plays a major role in our overall health. An under-active thyroid can lead to unexplained weight gain and make it difficult to lose weight. Luckily, thyroid conditions can be easily spotted with routine medical tests, so talk to your doctor about your symptoms. You can find out more about thyroid conditions here.


4. You’re Only Relying on Exercise.

The best way to lose weight is a combination of diet and exercise, not one or the other exclusively. Relying on exercise alone is a particularly difficult path to take, because exercise can only take you so far in your weight loss goals; a diet overhaul in addition to exercise is the best way to shed the pounds.




5. You’ve Hit a Plateau.

It’s a common problem for dieters: losing a few pounds, but then, at some point, you just can’t seem to lose another ounce. It’s not just in your head!  The more weight you lose, the more your metabolism slows down, and the harder it becomes to lose extra weight. You can break through them, though, by shaving off a few extra calories a day or intensifying your workout routine.




6. You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep.

Not getting enough sleep can take a major toll on your body — including your weight loss goals. When you’re tired, you’re more impulsive, which can lead to poor food choices and skipping out on workouts. It can also mess up your hunger-related hormones, which make it harder to curb cravings, and even impact your cortisol levels. All of these things taken together can make lack of sleep a major roadblock on your weight loss journey. 


7. You’re Forgetting the Little Things.

Can’t kick the soda habit? Pouring loads of dressing on your salad?  There are plenty of sneaky ways that extra calories can slip into your diet, and some of the worst offenders are condiments and drinks. Stick with water and tea, and ask for dressings on the side. And, of course, make sure to take notice of everything you put into your mouth.


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