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How did Debby Knox lose her weight? (with before and after photos)

Debby Knox before and after photo

Debby Knox before and after photo

How did Debby Knox lose her weight? (with before and after photos)

Who is Debby Knox?

Debby Knox is a longtime news anchor at WISH-TV and WTTV in Indianapolis, Indiana. She joined the station as a noon news anchor in 1980 and was a longtime co-anchor with Mike Ahern on the station’s evening newscasts. After 33 years as a familiar personality in local broadcasting, Knox, 59, announced her retirement in 2013.

On January 1, 2015; Debby came out of retirement to co-anchor the new CBS affiliate WTTV’s new evening newscasts from 5:00-6:30 and 11:00 p.m. with longtime WXIN news anchor Bob Donaldson

Knox said she has been happy in her retirement, which allowed traveling, her involvement in a film documentary about nuns in Oldenburg, Ind., and even a powerlifting fitness regimen.

“It’s kind of a restart for me, obviously, because I was gone for a year,” Knox said. “But it also feels really comfortable. This is an exciting place to be. It’s on the upswing, moving forward and progressive. It makes me feel young and into it again.”

Toward the end of her time with WISH, Debby had a difficult time with image consultants. There is a certain expectation of how you look and dress. It’s a part of news that is so unimportant. Long-term it has a deleterious effect.

Debby says the secret to feeling young is exercise.Exercise makes you feel younger and relaxes you, and I think being curious and spending time around younger people helps keep you young too.

Debby Knox top 6 weight loss essentials

Debby Knox Newscaster

Debby Knox Newscaster

Debby Knox lost her weight very quickly, 45 pounds from the end of May, 2013 till now. Knox has been kind enough to share the weight loss diet recipes to answer so many letters she has received regarding her weight loss.

In 1987 Debby tried the weight watchers program with limited success

Back in 1987 Debby Knox started to find her clothes getting too tight so she joined into Weight Watcher weight loss program. Initial success of 20 pounds weight loss were achieved but ‘then pounds came back and then some.

Debby Knox’s successful weight loss in 2013

Debby Knox’s successful weight loss restarted again when her mother looked at her and said “I saw your cousin Gay Lynn the other day. She’s gained quite a bit of weight, but I told her you had too.” Debby was determined to lose weight by following these 4 simple steps below.

1. Hire a personal coach or find a “workout pal”

Debby hired the 27-year-old Jeremy Brost as her personal coach at the end of May of 2013. The accountability and honesty he demanded made me get on board.

Lessons learned: always find a workout pal or join groups with people who encourage each other and do workouts with each other.

2. Follow Workout routine

The next step for Debby was to follow a strict workout routine with her personal coach. First, they worked out in Debby’s basement for just an hour a week. Then they followed a straight forward 40 minute cardio workouts at the Health and Recreation Centre at Butler University. Debby also occasionally rode her bike during in this period.

The cardio workout in the Butler University centre included the following sessions:

        • Elliptical: 10 minutes
        • Run/walk: 10 minutes
        • Rowing: 10 minutes
        • Elliptical: 10 minutes

Debby’s plan was to lose 20 pounds, but the result was much better than she thought, so far she has lost 45 pounds and she is expecting to lose a further 5 pounds.

Lessons learned: strictly follow a 40 minute straight forward cardio workout

Debby Knox Cooking Recipes

Debby Knox in the kitchen

3. Change to healthy diet plan

Following Jeremy’s recommendations, Debby changed to a healthy diet plan. Here is Debby Knox’s healthy diet plan basics:

        • Ensure the amount of protein to close to 100 grams per day, essential to maintain the active cardio workouts. The benefits of taking 100 grams protein per day is to get necessary protein taken in according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention guideline, (amount of protein for women between the ages of 19 and 70 is 46 grams, take in more when actively doing workouts) another advantage is that proteins keep you from being hungry by decreasing sugar cravings.Take your weight in pounds and divide it by 2.2 to get your weight in kilograms. Then multiply that number by 1.3 (1.3 is the value for an active individual, 0.8 for not very active and 1.8 for extremely active). The number you get is the amount of protein grams you can take in a day.
        • No added sugar, high sugar content foods or pre prepared meals
        • Cut out breads, pasta and potatoes

Lessons learned: up your amount of protein, No sugar, bread, pasta, or potatoes

4. Use weight loss app

Debby Knox used MyFitnessPal, the weight loss app to track her calories kept her aware of number changes. It calculates how many calories you need to lose safely (1-2 pounds per week), gives me an accurate count of calories burned, and it has a splendid graph (which you should look at daily) to show progress.

          • Tracks steps, distance, calories burned and stairs climbed
          • Monitor how long and how well you sleep
          • Wakes you (and not your partner) with a silent alarm
          • Syncs automatically to your computer or select smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth 4.0
          • Set goals, view progress and earn badges

Lessons learned: Use weight loss app

If Debby Knox can do it you can too!

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