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How to make a healthy weight loss program

More and more people face the problem of obesity, weight control, not only for appearance, but also for your health, such as control bravery cool alcohol, blood pressure and blood sugar and prevent some diseases. When you decide to lose weight, meizitang slimming http://www.slimming-meizitang.com/ suggest you choose a healthy and you can plan long-term adherence.

A plan based

In any weight loss program is best to consult a doctor before, especially over overweight or have other health problems. Avoid unhealthy diet, pay attention to those special food danger signals. Look at the calories of food, the normal weight loss per week should be no more than 1-2 kg. One kilogram has 3500 calories, so a week by one kilogram daily consumption of 500 calories, minus 2 kg, eating 1000 calories a day, reducing the amount of calories can be combined with diet and exercise.

2 the choice of food

The best way to lose weight http://www.slimming-meizitang.com/ is to maintain regular diet. Recorded daily to eat and drink, you will be surprised to find that the increase in calories is so fast. Avoid starvation and do not eat breakfast, it makes you feel worse, if you eat a lot of meals, but to maintain a small amount, so that blood sugar stable, and you will feel full. Choose high-density foods, such as high-fiber: whole grains, fruits, vegetables and beans. Fine arts of the protein, such as muscle, eggs, nuts and low fat food, and avoid hunger. Stay away from carbohydrates and so on. Meizitang suggest you pay attention to nutritional balance, the time when you are in the hotel, to a packed box, to put up half of the food to eat later. The amount of body weight once a week to avoid weight rebound.

3 Exercise

Diet can help you lose weight, but if combined with slimming exercise, weight loss can also increase the speed. One of the best way to reduce the fat is to do regular aerobic exercise such as walking 30 minutes. If time is limited, would rather do a 30 minute training rather than doing 10 minutes of exercises three times. Every action will help you burn calories step by step. So think about ways you can increase the training, for example, take stairs instead of the elevator or have the car parked in the far location.

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