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India’s oldest grandmother stays fit with a healthy diet

India’s oldest grandmother, Sowmi Akka, 120, says she stays fit due to a healthy diet.

Interacting with reporters here, Akka said that a healthy diet had helped her live a long and problem free life.

“I eat everything. Yes, I take healthy diet, which provides me with strength,” she said..

She said that she was self-reliant to perform all kinds of domestic work, such as cooking, cleaning the house and buying vegetables from the market.

Akka’s granddaughter, Amarawathy said Sowmi Akka’s eldest daughter is 95 and the entire family participated in a family reunion recently

“My grandmother’s eldest daughter is 95 years old and there are more than 250 members in her family. She gave birth to 10 children and all the members live happily. We participate in all major family functions and reunions,” Amarawathy said.

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