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Pete Evans Diet Plan: Worth A Try Or Not; Here’s What You Need To Know

Pete Evans is a popular chef from Australia. He is also the one who started the Paleo diet program.

What Is The Paleo Diet?

The Paleo diet is a method which lets you eat foods that are gluten-free and dairy-free. Pete Evans is known in cooking meals the Paleo Way.

He is famous for cooking sumptuous and healthy foods. For Pete Evans, “We are What We Eat.” So the Paleo Diet consists of methods and recipes that will make one healthier.

Criticisms On Paleo Diet

There are a lot of people who believe on what Pete Evans is doing and there are a lot of people who are criticizing his beliefs as well. The Guardian reported that Pete Evans was accused by the Australian Medical Association of threatening lives with his irrational opinion on fluoride, calcium and sunscreen.

The “My Kitchen Rules” chef replicated his claims that dairy layers calcium from your bones, fluoride does not block cavities, and sunscreen is poisonous. He stated this during an interview on the TV show “Seven Sunday Night. “

Despite these accusations, still, Evans has a lot of followers and a lot of people believe that the Paleo diet is effective. Perth Now reported that Evans has a lot of followers.

Go to his website and it has complete information about what you should be eating. Evans isn’t selling food as much as he’s peddling a belief. So its really up for a person if he/she would try the Paleo diet plan or not.

Pete Evans already apologized regarding his opinions and statements on the show. He stated his apologies during his Gut Health event.

According to him he would like to apologize to the excellent individuals who came to their event and share stories about their health. Stay tuned for more updates on Paleo Way diet and Evans.

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