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The author of Renegade Diet Book is called Jason Ferruggia, it is an e-book that helps the readers to lose extra pounds and gain muscles concurrently. This book was well researched on and whoever follows the guidelines given, they will be able to easily convert the unwanted body fats to muscles

How Does The Program work?

It involves three phases:

  1. The Fasting Phase

You should fast for 16 hours starting from the previous night meal. In short you should not take breakfast and lunch might be taken a little bit later depending on the time you had your last night meal. For you to remain energetic and focused, it is recommended that you take a lot of water during this fasting phase. Skipping breakfast is a good practice, because it allows the digestive systems to relax and rest; it increases the sensitivity level of insulin thus giving you energy.

  1. Under Eating Phase

For a period of four hours continuously, you are supposed to eat light and easily digested meals e.g. vegetables, eggs, white fish, yogurt and nuts. The carbohydrates that should be taken during this phase should be berries or some other selected fruits.

  1. Over Eating Phase

During this phase, you are allowed to eat as much as your stomach can accommodate, including the carbohydrates. You should do your work-out during this phase, the whole phase should take four hours. 

The following is the approach for the over eating phase:

  • Start with a large salad and some prebiotics which promotes growth of intestinal microorganisms.
  • Eat a big dinner full of proteins e.g. Chicken or fish, followed by carbohydrates, the most recommended being sweet potatoes.

For the overweight people, with over 15% fat, Ferruggia explains that your body’s insulin must be improved first, otherwise you will end up getting fatter from consuming more carbohydrates, he further advices that you can concentrate on eating some berries after the work-outs.

For those people that are too skinny, you can fatten by shortening the under eating phase and eating more carbohydrates at night feast.


Is it Worth Undertaking the Program?

It is worthy for everybody to undertake this program, because:

  • As you lose the fats, you gain the muscles, this is not the case in the many available diet programs and weight lose routines.
  • The dietary program developed in the Renegade Diet Book is very unique; thus referred to as ‘Renegade diet’. The plan doesn’t restrict one from taking the carbohydrates but instead, it recommends more intake but at the right time.
  • The e-book is downloadable and readily available on the internet at an affordable price.
  • The book caters for the needs of everyone depending on their fat levels, lengths of the phases, goals and how much carbohydrates they can take.
  • There is no low carbohydrate diets recommended as seen with most weight lose plans, also one is allowed to feast every night.
  • Can be easily maintained by the junk food lovers’ because one is sometimes allowed to eat the junk food during the night feasts.
  • You have a very long list of foods to choose from, so, you can’t feel that you are being restricted to eat certain foods.
  • It can be personalized to fit your goals, desires, body type and fat levels. It works both for skinny and overweight people in a personalized manner.
  • Works well to all the genders.
  • With a full stomach after the night feast, you will have a good night sleep.
  • Applicable to both vegetarians and non vegetarians.
  • Encourages a healthy lifestyle.

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The Negative Side

This program being so natural, the demerits are not as many as the other weight loss programs have, they include;

  • Although fasting is a good and healthy procedure, it does not favor everybody.
  • You have to work with the set schedule which might not be always possible.



The merits of this Renegade Diet program as discussed above are just too many to be ignored; the program has a positive effect to the well being of the body. It is very unique and therefore quite encouraging to try. As you lose weight, you build up the muscles, this is very possible only if you indulge in the Renegade Diet Program found in the Renegade Diet Book.

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