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Simple Diet Plan For Women and Men For Healthy Weight Loss Available as …

(Newswire.net — October 24, 2014)  — Their is a dark side to the health and fitness industry that many of the fitness gurus don’t want anyone to know about.  The truth of the matter is many in the industry are not out to help anyone accept for themselves in their quest for riches at the expense of those looking for answers and quick fixes to their weight loss.  Unfortunately the weight loss and diet industry has created an atmosphere of “predator” and “prey”.  Even the popular Dr. Oz was recently grilled by Congress because of his unscientific claims of green coffee bean extract being a “miracle in a bottle”. The big fitness businessman being the predator, and the prey being the discouraged and overweight people that aren’t happy with the way they look.  Out of desperation the prey is easily pulled in by the bait offered by the predatory fitness companies offering simple and easy fixes for those willing to shell out their hard earned money.

There are thousands of workout programs available for purchase and tens of thousands of supplements made available all making the same claim to help people drop pounds effortlessley.  That’s not to say that there aren’t any food supplements of value on the marketplace like probiotic supplements that can aid in digestion and have many health benefits.  The problem however remains that the single most important part of the equation is the diet plan that is being followed.  People can’t exercise more or “outtrain” a bad diet.  They also cannot take a simple pill to overcome a bad diet.  Anyone in the health and fitness industry that is being honest will always go back to how the most important part of a weight loss plan is diet.  But that is not what the masses want to hear, so they are continually preyed upon by the fat loss industry.

Many diets are too complicated and full of restrictions making them too hard for people to adapt to so that they can make permanent change and see results.  But what if there was a really simple answer that was being kept a secret?  One technique that actually goes completely against what many are told.  The truth is that many experts have awakened to the fact that fasting in a controlled manner each day can be the simplest and most effective way for people to lose weight without actually feeling like they are on a diet.  Several versions of intermittent fasting have come available over the years, with one very popular and effective program by Brad Pilon called Eat Stop Eat.  In a way Brad Pilon started the intermittent fasting awakening and now many variations have come available.

Just recently a supplement company introduced their own free version of intermittent fasting that is made available as a downloadable weight loss plan pdf that contains everything from the science of how it works to daily meal plans making it easy to follow.  It can be downloaded easily onto any computer or mobile phone for immediate access.

Intermittent fasting is both healthy and simple, and now the knowledge is made available at no cost.  The weight loss diet for men and women is available for free at this link: http://1DayDiet.net



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