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Mark Teixeira: ‘Feel like a kid again’ – WTVD

TAMPA, Fla. — New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira is now gluten free, sugar free and dairy free, which he hopes will keep him injury free.

Teixeira’s belief in his new diet and renewed weightlifting program makes him believe that he can stay fully healthy for the first time since 2011. If he does, Teixeira thinks he can be a 30-homer and 100-RBI player again.

“I look at the last two years as hopefully more of a bump in the road,” Teixeira said. “The way I feel now, I feel like a kid again. I feel like I did a few years ago when I was hitting 30-plus homers and driving in 100 RBIs, playing almost every single day.

“Thirty and 100 is kind of what I’ve always been and what I want to be. So if I can do that, then I know I’m helping the team out. That is the most important thing. I know if I can do that, then I know I’m helping the team out.”

In 2013, wrist surgery limited Teixeira to 15 games. Last year, he played in 123 games, hitting .216 with 22 homers and 62 RBIs. He said the daily one-hour treatment made the season not “fun at all.”

Two years removed from the surgery, he thinks his wrist should hold up. He last had a 30-and-100 season in 2011, when he hit 39 homers and drove in 111 runs in 156 games.

Teixeira, who turns 35 in April, hasn’t played more than 123 games since that 2011 season but thinks that with his new diet he will cut down on the inflammation in his body. He said he will use the diet, which consists of no bread and a lot of buffalo meat, the rest of his playing career. He said he reconfigured his body, adding 13 pounds of muscle, while losing fat.

“I have to go all-in,” Teixeira said.

As for the shift that has reduced his batting average over the years, Teixeira said his only remedy is to hit more home runs and doubles and to walk more.

“We have talked about it ad nauseam,” Teixeira said. “Every time I try to talk about it and slap the ball the other way, it just doesn’t go well for anybody. That’s exactly what the other team wants, to take a middle-of-the-order power hitter and turn him into a slap hitter.”

Teixeira’s locker is next to Alex Rodriguez in spring training, and the two have known each other since Teixeira was a rookie in Texas. Teixeira is looking forward to mentoring Rodriguez, who could be the backup at first base, along with being the designated hitter and playing some at third.

“It is funny; I was a rookie when Alex was the best player in the world, and he got to teach me some things,” Teixeira said. “Now I’m going to be able to teach him some things. Having a backup, a decent backup is important, because I know there were times last year when I was just out there for my defense.”

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Diet fads give way to nutrition

In today’s health conscious landscape, fad diets are giving way to nutrition-based health plans designed to maximize nutrient absorption while kick-starting the body’s natural fat-burning processes. As you’re considering diet plans, it’s likely that these three highly popular plans will pop into conversation. Here are basics on each:

What is it? Juice Plus+ is a line of dietary supplements containing concentrated fruit and vegetable juice extracts fortified with added vitamins and nutrients. The brand is built around the concept that overall health is aided by natural fruits and vegetables, which JuicePlus provides through supplements in the form of pills, drinks and meal-replacement powders.

Why does it work? JuicePlus representatives stress the difficulty in finding time to properly prepare healthy food for your family. Often, as a means of convenience, unhealthy and processed foods are chosen rather than something more wholesome. JuicePlus offers a way for families to receive the nutrition they need through capsules and nutrient rich shakes. Further, JuicePlus products are available for children. Fans of the product say that not only do they enjoy the product itself, but that they have seen an increase in their cravings for fruits and vegetables outside of the product.

What are people saying? Joanna Polk of Clarksville, Tennesse, says, “My favorite aspect of the product is that it is just food. It carries a nutrition label, and I feel comfortable giving it to my children. It has always made sense to me, but after seeing the results firsthand, I am more of a believer. It can be utilized in a rejuvenation program where people are experiencing great results from increased energy, less sugar cravings, improved skin conditions and weight loss. Even within my own family, I’ve seen lower blood pressure. The power of whole food nutrition is great.”

What is it? One of the most popular forms of dieting for decades, Weight Watchers operates from the core philosophy of using a science-driven approach to help participants lose weight by forming helpful habits, eating smarter, getting more exercise and providing support. By assigning each food a point value, participants are able to properly manage their calorie intake by not exceeding their daily point allowance. In recent years, the point system has evolved to create a more balanced diet by assigning different types of food (fruits, breads, sugars, etc.) different values. Weight Watchers further aids participants by providing weekly local meetings in most communities to track progress, measure weight and offer support.

Why does it work? Weight Watchers has long been a favored diet plan of participants and health coaches because of the simple way that it teaches nutritional awareness.

By allowing participants to choose their own foods throughout the day while still providing structure and guidance, the system succeeds in creating habits and avoiding binge eating by completely cutting any specific food out. Additionally, by providing support meetings, Weight Watchers creates a community of accountability that lends itself to weight-loss success.

What are people saying? Certified Health Coach Karen Richards says, “Of all the ‘diet-diets’ available to people, Weight Watchers is probably the best simply because it doesn’t require you to deprive yourself of anything and it is essentially teaching you to watch what you eat and is helping you to become conscious of the food that you’re putting into your body. Really, what the program is doing is teaching you portion size, which is a hard thing to learn. It holds you accountable at weekly meetings, as well, which is a huge part of weight loss.”

What is it? AdvoCare is a fitness company offering 70 general nutrition, weight loss, energy and sports performance products. Particularly popular products include Trim, Active, Well, Performance Elite and the 24-Day Challenge. Unlike other weight-loss programs, AdvoCare focuses on “building champions” through enhanced workouts, sugar-free energy drinks and protein powders. No matter where you are in your weight-loss journey or what you’re looking for in the way of product support, AdvoCare likely has a product for you.

Why does it work? Each AdvoCare product has a different science behind it. If you are looking for protein-heavy products to help with a workout, for instance, you will find different products than someone looking for the 24-Day Challenge.

All of the plans, however, are backed by the company’s Scientific and Medical Advisory Board, and an overview of each plan can be found on advocare.com.

What are people saying? “AdvoCare has been great for me,” says AdvoCare client Jessie Davis, “because I don’t always have the time to sit down and research what I’m eating to make sure that I’m getting what I need. With AdvoCare, as long as you follow the plan that you set out to follow, you know that you’re getting what you need. I’ve also noticed that I feel like I have energy to get through my workouts without being exhausted, which is perfect.”

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Dr. Oz’s New Total Choice Plan Diet Takes the Counting Out of Calorie Counting …

“I am launching a brand new free program for everyone who wants to lose weight without thinking,” says Dr. Oz. “It’s called, ‘The Total Choice’ and it has been designed to be hassle-free. We’ve created over 100 meal options that always add up to the perfect calorie count for you… the Total Choice is about giving you back control over your calorie intake.”

With Dr. Oz is special guest Kristin Kirkpatrick, MS, RD, LD Manager of Wellness Nutrition Services of the Cleveland Clinic who tells viewers that one of the problems dieters have when counting calories is that they often undercount the amount of calories that they are actually eating.

“Don’t eat enough calories—you’re in starvation mode; eat too many calories and you’ll store that as fat and gain weight,” says Ms. Kirkpatrick, who explains that the Total Choice diet is designed to help dieters keep within a specific calorie count range of either 1,200 or 1,600 calories per day.

So how much weight and how fast can a dieter expect to lose weight on the Total Choice Plan?

“They will lose as much as they want—as long as they stay on it,” says Dr. Michael Roizen, Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic. “So, a pound to a pound and a half every week.”

1,200 or 1,600 Calories per Day—Which is Right for You?

The first step of the Total Choice Plan is to calculate whether you should be eating 1,200 or 1,600 calories per day. To figure this out, here are the 3 criteria you need to answer to see which category you belong in:

1. What is Your Age? If you are 35 or younger, then you belong in the 1,600 calorie category. If you are over 35, then you belong in the 1,200 calorie category.

2. How Tall are You? If you are 5 feet 5 inches or taller, then you belong in the 1,600 calorie category. If you are under 5 feet 5 inches, then you belong in the 1,200 calorie category.

3. What is Your Activity Level? The easiest way to determine this is with a pedometer or other type of activity monitor. If you walk 5,000 steps or more a day, then you belong in the 1,600 calorie category. If you walk less than 5,000 steps a day, then you belong in the 1,200 calorie category. However, if you do not have an activity monitor, you can determine your activity level by noting how many times a week you are out of breath (during exercise) for 30 minutes or more: Three times or more—1,600 calories; 2 times or less—1,200 calories.

Dr. Oz tells viewers that of the criteria, whichever you answered the most for, is the calorie category that you belong in.

Choose Your Meals and Begin to Lose Weight

The second step of the plan is to go to The Dr. Oz Show website and begin choosing from a long list of calorie-precalculated foods that not only will keep you within your daily calorie count without having to think about it, but also includes many of the dishes that most diets say “No” to.

“We’ve actually paired up nutritionists, with food addicts and food experts, and chiefs, and put them together, and instead of what normally happens when you pervert the food to make it decadent and unhealthy, we actually did the opposite of that—we took all of those talents and we made incredibly savory foods that happen to be good for you and that happen to be low calorie,” says Dr. Oz.

So what kind of meals are we talking about? As it turns out, those meals are many of the same ones you love that are responsible for your weight. However, in amounts and selective combinations that offers fewer calories without less flavor.

For example, for breakfast you could have a “Total Choice Cheesy Egg Sandwich”; for lunch you could have a “Total Choice Veggie Chili”; for dinner you could have a “Total Choice Spicy Shrimp Veggie Stir-Fry” along with one snack and one dessert and still stay within your 1,200 calories per day goal.

The great thing about it is that it takes all of the guess work out of calorie counting with all of the meals and food items already calorie counted for you so that you can pick and choose, mix them up, and modify them to suit your tastes without having to work at it.

To get started on Dr. Oz’s Total Choice Plan diet, just click-on his Total Choice webpage and choose either the 1,200 or 1,600 calorie plans and then follow the appropriate links for printing out his calorie counted meal guides that list the ingredients and how to prepare each meal.

For more on similar Dr. Oz weight loss plans, here is a quick guide on his Total 10 Plan for dieting the right way to lose weight.

Reference: The Dr. Oz Show― “Dr. Oz Reveals the Total Choice Plan

Healthier Diet program Could Curb Dysfunction that Leads to Cardiovascular …

By David Douglas

NEW YORK (Reuters Wellness) – A eating plan rich in fish, fruit, and vegetables may perhaps reduce endothelial dysfunction and low-grade inflammation and therefore lead to less cardiovascular disease (CVD), according to Dutch researchers.

quotOur study shows for the very very first time that a healthy diet plan influences beneficially an critical approach that leads to heart disease. Such an effect might be even stronger in these with diabetes and (or) cardiovascular disease currently,quot Dr. Ronald M. A. Henry, of the Cardiovascular Research Institute Maastricht in the Netherlands, told Reuters Wellness by email.

quotEndothelial dysfunction and low-grade inflammation play critical roles in the development of CVD,quot the investigators wrote in their December 31 on-line paper in The Journal of Nutrition. quotDietary modification of these phenomena may constitute a mechanism via which CVD may be prevented.quot

Dr. Henry and colleagues note that such a diet, moderate in alcohol and low in dairy solutions and meat, apparently has cardiovascular rewards but the underlying mechanisms are unclear.

To investigate further, the group carried out a longitudinal cohort study of 557 subjects with a imply age of almost 60 years at baseline who had an enhanced cardiovascular disease danger.

The team utilized a validated meals frequency questionnaire to ascertain consumption of fish, vegetables, fruit, alcohol-containing beverages, dairy solutions, and meat.

They also measured an extensive array of biomarkers of each endothelial dysfunction (such as von Willebrand issue) and low-grade inflammation (like C-reactive protein and serum amyloid A).

They repeated the course of action seven years later. They found that a greater consumption of fish, but not total consumption of the other five dietary elements, was connected with a reduced general endothelial dysfunction score. They discovered no associations with the all round low-grade inflammation score.

Additional analyses indicated that consumption of additional lean fish and raw vegetables and fewer higher-fat dairy items was associated with less endothelial dysfunction.

They also found that consumption of extra fresh fruit, wine, and poultry and fewer higher-fat dairy solutions was related with significantly less low-grade inflammation.

Provided these findings, say the researchers, such dietary components quotmay modify processes that are crucial in atherothrombosis and thereby favorably influence the improvement of cardiovascular illness.quot

Thus, concluded Dr. Henry, quotIt seems that our mother’s plea at the table to eat healthilyquot by like vegetables and the other issues we dreaded over most as kids, quotmade far more than sense. In particular if 1 takes into account that diet is such a lifelong ‘risk’ aspect.quot

The authors report to external funding or disclosures.

Source: http://bit.ly/1DKGdtN

J Clin Nutr 2014.

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In lookup of a personalised eating plan

Overlook the latest body weight-reduction trend – science may well currently have worked out what diet program is very best for you. Experts say a personalised tactic could rework the way people get rid of fat.

January is a thirty day period when quite a few go on a article-Xmas purge and start out dieting. It’s also the month when lots of are unsuccessful and go back again to their poor feeding on patterns.

Researchers say this isn’t just down to a deficiency of willpower. It is thanks to a person’s personal make-up – their genes, hormones and psychology.

The most recent excess weight-reduction theory is that instead of achieving for a one-dimensions-matches-all eating plan, people must abide by one that is personalized to their personal needs.

For the initially time leading obesity industry experts and BBC Science have put this principle to the test nationally. Above a few months, 75 dieters ended up put by means of a series of tests and monitored at home. The research was overseen by scientists from Oxford and Cambridge and their study teams.


What’s the appropriate type of food plan for you?

  • Consider a check to find out what science suggests is the best eating plan for you


The research appeared at 3 kinds of overeaters. Feasters who come across it difficult to stop feeding on as soon as they get started, frequent cravers who feel hungry all of the time and emotional eaters who flip to foodstuff when they get pressured or nervous.

When it arrives to feasters, research shows hormones participate in a massive component in their consuming practices. In certain, they create very low degrees of certain gut hormones that are produced when meals arrives in the intestines. These chemical indicators travel through the blood to the brain and tell the entire body when it has experienced sufficient meals and really should end consuming.

Continue studying the principal tale

Come across out far more

What’s The Proper Diet plan For You? A Horizon Specific is broadcast on BBC Two on 12, thirteen and 14 January at 21.00 GMT.

quotSome persons have astonishingly very low stages of selected intestine hormones and are not finding all those signals,quot claims Susan Jebb, a professor of eating plan and population at Oxford College.

Frequent cravers constantly want to try to eat and their quothungry brainsquot generally want fatty and sugary meals. Experts know particular genes make men and women this hungry. They disrupt the way signals are sent to the mind telling it to cease taking in, tricking it into contemplating fats merchants continually require replenishing.

quotThe position genes participate in in dropping fat is unequivocal, but due to alterations in technologies we are beginning to uncover out what these genes are,quot claims geneticist Dr Giles Yeo, from Cambridge University.

Psychological eaters achieve for meals when they are pressured or nervous. When the mind perceives a man or woman is in problem, it triggers alterations to the human body, like the heart rate escalating. This stressed point out can make it even harder for persons to conquer what they are experiencing. This kind of eater has developed habits that are challenging to split and in nerve-racking situations their brains request out a reward.

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quotPeople frequently feel diets are about willpower,quot claims Jebb. quotForget that, diet programs are about behaviors. There has by no means been a review that says men and women can will them selves to shed fat, but they can transform their habits.quot

So, what diet program need to each group abide by to properly lose bodyweight?

Feasters have to have a diet regime that would make them truly feel full for as long as feasible. Experts instructed a superior protein, lower glycaemia index (GI) diet regime. These are meals that raise gut hormone indicators and include fish, rooster, basmati rice, lentils, grains and cereals. No potatoes or bread since they don’t make men and women sense total for extremely long.

quotProtein and carbs that are not absorbed immediately are absorbed reduce down the gut, manufacturing much more hormones that make us sense fuller,quot claims intestine hormone professional Prof Fiona Gribble, from Cambridge College.

Consistent cravers have genes that make them really feel hungry most of the time. As a result they wrestle to diet regime for seven days a 7 days. Alternatively they have been told to greatly decrease their diet to 800 calories on two times of the week. They ate usually, but healthily, for the other five. This is usually called intermittent fasting.

quotConstant cravers have the hardest position as they have a solid predisposition to staying overweight,quot suggests Jebb. quotThe fasting diet program need to shock their bodies into burning fat.quot


The emotional eater – Alison Vaughan, fifty three

Alison Vaughan prior to and soon after her 12-7 days eating plan

quotMy romance with foodstuff has been very detrimental in the earlier. I now know that is a outcome of staying deliberately deprived of meals when I was very modest. I would typically only be supplied bread soaked in water. It has taken a lengthy time to realise the impact this has experienced on the way I take in. The analyze made me realise meals was controlling me, now it is the other way round.

quotGetting aid was an necessary part of that, weekly conferences had been a massive assistance for me. I come to feel relieved at staying labeled as an psychological eater due to the fact it gives you a footing from which to continue on, unless of course you can see what the situation is you’ve genuinely received no hope of transforming.

quotI shed 1st 11lb (11.3kg) around the twelve months and my complete body weight reduction now is 3st 1lb (19.5kg). As my sizing goes down, my self confidence and belief in myself goes up.quot

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quotConstant cravers have the hardest career as they have a powerful predisposition to staying chubby,quot claims Jebb. quotThe fasting diet should shock their bodies into burning body fat.quot

Psychological eaters have founded negative routines that are hard to split. As properly as following a more healthy diet regime, group help was vital for them. Encouragement can trigger the motivational element of the brain that aids folks overcome stress.

By becoming part of on-line assist teams and attending weight-reduction conferences, they have been encouraged to adhere to their eating plans. They also had cognitive behavioural remedy to help take care of the thoughts and behaviour involved with emotional having.


Extra on healthful ingesting

  • Could science make improvements to the nourishment of tens of millions
  • How significantly is too substantially salt?
  • Need to we fear about how much protein we try to eat?

Find nutritious recipes at BBC Food items


The examine also verified other conduct that could aid folks in all teams to shed weight.

• Consume slowly and gradually. This can improve the level of the intestine hormones that tell the mind to end eating

• Generally consume breakfast. It decreases cravings for poor food items. Three quarters of successful dieters have breakfast, claims Yeo

• Soup tends to make you really feel fuller. Thick soup stretches the stomach and crucially stays there longer. Experts say it fills you up a lot more than good greens

• Tiredness messes with determination producing and can increase a desire for harmful foods. Recognise this and make buying lists when you are not hungry

The study also put to the take a look at well known beliefs about the influence of training and persons’s metabolic amount when it will come to dieting, busting a single dieting myth.

It located workout can enable men and women drop fat, but there is a catch. Frequently they are significantly less energetic afterwards, negating much of the challenging perform they have accomplished. The most efficient way to eliminate excess weight is virtually normally to modify your diet program, say the researchers.

But one particular of the good myths of dieting is the position of the metabolic fee, says Jebb. This is the pace you split down meals and transform it into energy. It can be affected by a lot of elements, these kinds of as age, gender and size. Frequently chubby people consider they can’t eliminate the kilos simply because they have a sluggish metabolic process and slender people have a speedy a single.

quotWhat we know is even larger people today truly have a increased metabolic amount that’s simply because they have even bigger heart and lungs,quot suggests Jebb. quotIt requires extra energy to hold their bodies ticking about. It’s relatively like a big car that employs extra gasoline.quot

Temptation is just about everywhere for frequent cravers

The metabolic amount goes down the additional pounds you shed, she provides. One particular check carried out as portion of the examine showed on average the metabolic level of all dieters went down by five% as they bought slimmer. This quotbiological backlashquot would make it harder for everyone to eliminate body weight more than time. It’s why a dieter’s excess weight typically plateaus.

The three teams ended up challenged to reduce five% of their system mass – in reality, they shed 8%. It was a collective decline of 103 stones (654kg). Continuous cravers had the hardest occupation and feasters missing the most.

Importantly, dieters expressed large reduction at discovering out why it was so challenging to drop bodyweight.

quotThey finally recognized why their biology was doing work against them and that is incredibly empowering,quot suggests Yeo.

It is however early days for the science of personalised meal plans but there is substantial probable is for this approach, say the industry experts.

What’s The Appropriate Diet regime For You? A Horizon Distinctive is broadcast on BBC Two on twelve, 13 and fourteen January at 21.00 GMT. Or observe on BBC iPlayer

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