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Workouts at home

Regular workouts at home are a vital and indispensable part of both weight maintenance and weight loss. Cardio or aerobic exercise helps to burn calories, while resistance exercise maximizes lean tissue and therefore helps to keep the metabolic rate high.

To lose a pound of fat (0.5kg) you would need to burn off about 3,500 calories. So to lose a pound of fat per week through exercise, you are doing very well. That would translate into two 40-minute walking sessions per day every day.

Workouts at home

Workouts at home

Workouts at home


Our recommended Workouts at home is best spread over the day, many shorter workout routines are more beneficial. Here are 4 ways you could spread out you workouts at home;

Four top workout routines for workouts at home

  1. 5 fifteen minute workout routines per day
  2. 4 twenty minute workout routines per day
  3. 3 thirty minute workout routines per day
  4. 2 forty minute workout routines per day

Workouts at home do not need any specialist equipment and can easily be included in your daily routine. For good all-round fitness you should choose a mix of fat burning exercise and cardio workouts.

Workouts at home table
Workout Activity Cardio Benefit Upper-body Strength Lower-body Strength Calories Per Minute*
Aerobic Class** 3 2 3 6.5
Dancing slow 2 1 2 4.5
Cycling 10mph 3 1 3 6.6
Jogging 5.5mph 3 1 3 8
Housework 1 2 2 4
Mowing (not self-propelled) 3 2 2 5
Swimming slow breast 3 3 2 7
Walking 3.5mph 3 1 2 6

* The ‘calories per minute’ column is based on a person weighing 10 1/2 stone (147lbs/67kg) if heavier you would burn more and vice versa.
** See example cardio workout video below

Workouts at home example video

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