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The Diet That’s Better For Your Heart Than Exercise

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Just keep said wine serving to a maximum six-ounce pour, though. “‘Be smart’ is always my P.S. with wine,” she says. “It shouldn’t be enough for three people.”

Lean Meats Eggs

In terms of protein, Gans says to load up on lean cuts. “Opt for fish and poultry over red meat,” she says. “The diet also encourages the use of eggs, with garlic and herbs to season.” 

Why is this such an effective healthy eating strategy, for stable weight and cardiovascular perks? “A lot of these foods have anti-inflammatory benefits,” Gans says. “And that’s the correlation. You’ve also got monounsaturated fats, which lower cholesterol levels, and the diet is high in fiber, which is also linked to lower heart disease risk.”

Try not to think of it as a “diet,” which can sound rigid and laborious; Gans references a recent study showing that simply focusing on fiber intake can be more effective for weight loss than trying to adhere to specific dietary principles.

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Instead, simply start thinking of the Med plan as “the foundation of healthy eating,” says Gans. Focus on selecting staples like whole grains, lean white meats, healthy fats, fiber, low-fat dairy, fruits and veggies. Do that, and you’ll set yourself up for long-term health. 

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