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The Dr. Oz Show Review: How The Fast Metabolism Diet Works (7/9/14)

When nutritionist Haylie Pomroy was featured in The Dr. Oz Show back in February, she immediately got my attention. Essentially, her Fast Metabolism Diet Plan does away with quick-fix solutions that restrain a person from consuming more than the limited portions prescribed, even if they are of the healthier and of the more organic type. Instead of counting calories, the program requires the consumption of more real food following a week-long schedule in order to keep metabolism up (as the body works more when it guesses the kind of food it runs on) and burn unwanted fats. The best part of this plan is that it can progress into a lifestyle.


The Fast Metabolism Diet is a three-phase program over 7 days and repeated for four weeks. This is designed to reduce the stress hormones that slow down metabolism and dampen cortisol (otherwise known as the belly-fat hormone). This program also addresses the issue on why metabolism slows down as one ages and why women, in particular, just have a difficult time in making a particular diet work which largely ends in eating more.

Each week is divided into three phases as scheduled: Phase 1 (Mondays Tuesdays) entails the consumption of a lot of carbohydrates (from whole grains) and fruits in order to balance the hormones released by the adrenal glands. This way, stress levels are kept low while the fat-burning process is increased. Phase 2 (Wednesdays Thursdays) requires proteins and vegetables to burn stored fat and build muscles. Phase 3 (weekend starting Fridays) allows the consumption of foods in the first 2 phases as well as healthy fats and oils.

The types of food listed above makes one feel fuller, happier and more satisfied. Throughout the process, one is trained to drink a lot of water and refrain from processed/ refined food, dairy, soy, wheat, alcohol, caffeine, corn, fruit juices and dried fruits.

The program also calls for increased (if not strict) intake of organic produce to enhance the liver’s ability to burn fat (instead of focusing on eliminating toxins from the likes of pesticides, preservatives and additives found in commercial/ mainstream food items).


In a gist, The Fast Metabolism Diet’s benefits include the following: improved functioning of body organs (especially those that store and burn food and fats), release of feel-good hormones, elimination of toxins, better hair and skin and of course, losing unwanted fat.

That’s our review of The Dr. Oz Show today, 07/09/14. We’ll have another review tomorrow. Until then, please check out our The Dr. Oz Show archives here. 

Image credit: The Dr. Oz Show

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