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The Dr. Oz Show Review: Weight-Loss Plans From The Experts, Part 1 (8/14/14)

Over the first half of this year, The Dr. Oz Show featured a variety of weight-loss plans, some considered healthy and some, just controversial. Here’s the first part of a series where we highlight these programs.

2-week Rapid Weight Loss Plan. Dr. Oz put these together based on the scientific results conducted by Dr. William Davis (author of Wheat Belly),  Dr. David Perlmutter (author of Grain Brain) and Dr. Mark Hyman (author of The Ultra Simple Diet). This addresses the issue of unwanted cravings that usually result from the consumption of bad food. It calls for the unlimited consumption of vegetables with low glycemic index (GI): they burn all the stored sugar and work through the fat layers. Those who have already followed this plan have an average weight decline of 9 pounds in 2 weeks. If incorporated in one’s lifestyle, it ensures perpetual good health and a slimmer body.

The plan also requires the complete elimination of everyday food items which trigger unwanted cravings such as wheat, food with artificial sweeteners and refined sugar, alcohol, coffee and dairy (excluding Greek yogurt).

The Normal Diet. Dr. Joel Fuhrman dispelled a lot of diet programs, considering a number to be lies that mislead about 89% of Americans. Instead, the author of The End of Dieting recommends the following solutions to entirely get rid of fat: eating three big meals a day, no snacking after dinner, remembering that weight loss happens in the kitchen (not in the gym), replacing oils with water, use of spices and low-salt tomato sauce and opting for natural dessert ingredients. Furhman stressed that this kind of eating program is longevity-based and deals with the body’s optimal use of glycogen stored in the liver and the burning of body fat.

5-Bite Diet Program. This is considered a controversial weight-loss program design by Dr. Alwin Lewis. It promises the shedding of 15 pounds in just a week. The extreme program is the short-term solution for people who are used to eating in large volumes: it puts an end to this habit and jumpstarts the ultimate long-term goal of achieving one’s ideal body weight. As per Dr. Alwin, thinner bodies are equated to healthier and longer lives.  The plan is simple: food intake is limited to 5 bites for lunch and dinner. Breakfast consists of a cup of Joe and a multivitamin.

That’s our review of The Dr. Oz Show today, 08/14/14. We’ll have another review tomorrow. Until then, please check out our The Dr. Oz Show archives here. 

Image credit: The Dr. Oz Show

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