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‘The New You and Improved Diet': 8 simple rules to lose weight

While what we put on our plate is very important, dieting is just one part of a successful weight-loss strategy. In “The New You and Improved Diet,” Kerri Glassman and Sarah Mahoney says there are other important rules that play role to get you stronger, calmer, healthier, more balanced and thinner. Here’s an excerpt.

You won’t get any argument from me that what we eat is very important (and in Chapter 1, you’ll find an amazing cleanse to get you started, and beginning on page 196 there’s a full 8-week meal plan, loaded with real foods that are nutrient dense and antioxidant rich). But that’s just one part of a successful weight loss strategy. In fact, if losing weight were as simple as knowing what to eat and what to avoid, no one would have a weight problem. At Nutritious Life, my practice in New York City that helps individuals find that “new you” every day, the eight New You and Improved Diet rules simplify weight loss and help you find your way to your best body weight. Each of these eight rules reinforces the others, helping people get stronger, calmer, healthier, happier, more balanced — and yes, thinner.

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Sure, food is important, and eating empowered is certainly one of the most important things I teach my clients. But another rule is stressing less — and that’s equally critical, because stress derails more diets than anything else I know. This book will teach you how a very simple meditation, one that’s been proved to lower stress, will actually remodel your brain, making it more stress resistant in just 8 weeks.

Yep — it changes your brain. To me, that’s not just a big deal; it’s huge! Various religious groups, of course, have known for centuries that Meditation feels good. And for years, neuroscientists have been able to see that people who meditate regularly have brains that look and perform differently from the brains of those who don’t. But in the latest breakthrough, from a recent study done at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Psychiatric Neuroimaging Research Program, scientists have actually documented how meditation changes our brains and have seen on brain scans that just 8 weeks — only 56 days — of mindfulness meditation improves memory, empathy, and our sense of self, and most important, reduces stress. To someone like me, who makes a conscious effort each day to settle myself down through some form of meditation, however imperfect I am at it, I can see what an incredible weight loss tool it can be, too.

I also promised myself I would make this book practical and positive, as well as powerfully effective, in weight loss. Here’s what you’ll learn about in “The New You and Improved Diet”: Eight easy rules, which my clients sometimes call the “Keri Code,” are explained chapter by chapter. Each rule is connected to and supports the others. The more you sleep, striving for those 8 hours, the more energy you have to work out, the more weight you lose. The more you choose nutrient-dense food, the more motivated you are to exercise, the deeper you sleep. The more sex you have, the better you feel about your body, the easier it is to enjoy healthy meals. The closer you get to eight glasses of fluid a day, the better you look, the happier you feel. See what I mean? I’ll show you how to make connections between these eight rules and to totally reset your body’s compass.

“The New You and Improved Diet,” provides a simple path and empowers you to breathe deeply as you find your way to the commonsense wisdom that your body already has. Using the healing power of real foods (with an emphasis on fresh, organic produce, teeming with antioxidants), I will walk you along that path, step by step, to the body you were meant to have. When it comes to eating, everyone’s “true north” is a little different — this plan will help you find and reclaim your own.

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“The New You and Improved Diet,” encompasses everything I’ve learned — not just from my studies as a registered dietitian but also in treating thousands of clients at Nutritious Life. This book explains how each of these eight rules is really what your body was meant to do all along, before we distorted everything — before we messed up our palates with lousy food choices, threw off our metabolism with misguided diets, zapped our confidence with emotional overeating, and made ourselves nuts about what we thought our bodies should look like. Everyone who comes through my doors, I’ve learned, is fully capable of finding their own true north, the way they were meant to eat, and their ideal body weight. If you simply follow these eight rules, the new you will emerge in 8 weeks.

What does eight have to do with weight? I may not be a math geek, a numerologist, or a big believer in mysticism, but eight is … great! The Pythagoreans considered it a symbol of balance. And the Chinese think it is such a lucky number that they kicked off the Beijing Olympics at 8 seconds and 8 minutes past 8 p.m. on 8/8/08! But putting all that aside, I believe the reason these eight pillars have worked so well in my practice is that the number —at the risk of sounding like Goldilocks — is just right. Nine or 10 rules is too many — rethinking your entire relationship with food is a complex challenge, and, well, look at all the trouble people have following the Ten Commandments! It’s very important for me to try to set you up for success early on, and my eight rules keep it very simple. And after 8 weeks, you won’t just have lost up to 20 pounds and soothed your stress, but you’ll have hit the reset button on your whole relationship with food.

We’ll cover the reasons you need to understand the power each rule can exert on your weight loss journey. Then we’ll move into the second half of this book, an 8-week workbook that provides detailed eating plans, as well as simple tips to implement each of these rules in your life in an easy, effective way. Say hello to a whole new you!

Excerpted from The New You and Improved Diet: 8 Rules to Lose Weight and Change Your Life Forever by Keri Glassman MS, RD CDN with Sarah Mahoney. Copyright (c) 2012 by Keri Glassman MS, RD CDN with Sarah Mahoney. Reprinted by arrangement with Rodale Books.

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