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Total 10 Diet Update On Dr. Oz Show Today 1/12

Dr. Oz, January 12, 2015, is talking about his Total 10 Diet Plan today and will highlight ways to keep up the momentum as people get to the midway part of the program. Oz knows most people can stick to a plan for a short period of time but it is hard for anyone to go the distance if they are feeling deprived. This is why he is adding new recipes and showing older recipes that actually follow the basic rules. More choices means a person will less likely feel deprived. This hopefully means most people on the diet will finally succeed at losing weight and getting healthier.

Oz answered specific questions about the plan and here is our full recap.

CMR is following 2 people on the Total 10 plan. Janice is a single mom who works 2 jobs. She says the biggest problems with most diets is the meals as they are hard to prepare and take to work. There are no healthy options at work and she only get 20 minutes for lunch. Janice is using the smoothies as a way to make it through the work day. She says she makes them before she goes to work and she can keep them in the fridge to drink when she goes on break. Janice says she has only cheated on the diet 2 times but she says she didn’t let that stop her. Janice has lost 3 pounds in the first week.

Edward is a busy dad who spends his day on the computer. Edward is having an easy time with Oz’s plan. He says the broth keeps him going during the day and he keeps a big thermos full right beside his PC. Anytime he gets an urge to snack, he just drinks the broth. Edward says his scales are being stubborn and he has only lost 1 pound so far. He adds that this is going to be a lifestyle change for him because he has let himself go while sitting at a computer all day.

So what new advice will Oz be giving out today on the Total 10 Plan? Check back here on CMR for our complete coverage of all the latest news Doctor Oz is talking about.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz

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