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Various Diet Plans Put to the Test in Recent Study – Dumb

In a recent study published in Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, conducted at McGill University led by Dr. Mark Eisenberg in Montreal various popular diets were studied. Researchers examined four popular diets: Weight Watchers, The Zone, South Beach and Atkins. Trials lasted for one year, and were examined on variety of factors and their effect on weight loss. Two trials compared Weight Watchers, The Zone and Atkins against one another.

Studies showed that Weight Watchers was the most consistent overall. Program participants lost an average of 8-13 pounds in the first year. It did surprise the researchers to find that the weight was gained back with an average of two years.

Conventional methods were used to promote weight loss. Nutritional counseling, low-fat diets and behavioral counseling were also considered as standard methods for weight loss.


One trial tested the South Beach Diet and found it to yield no better results than the American Heart Association’s guidelines for low-fat eating.

Atkins the results were more varied. Weight loss at one year ranged from 7-24 pounds,but Atkins did not fare better than consistently low fat diets.

Dr. Eisenberg added that the major reason for the obesity epidemic is high caloric intake and less physical activity. Additionally, the availability and convenience of fast foods and processed foods readily available led to the added caloric intake of individuals.

In the end, no diet came out the clear winner. Eisenberg stated, “ A more holistic approach is needed to deal with the obesity problem. Doctors and other health professionals can help more other than just these diets. Also people should be careful about what they eat and what portions they eat. Exercising on a regular basis will be much better than following a regular diet plan.”

Heathcare data estimates the weight loss industry generates $66 billion.

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