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Weight Loss Tips: High Fat Diet Plus Short Exercise Regime Sheds 10 Pounds …

  • The High-Fat Diet Explained. Credit: Getty Images
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Weight loss has been made easier as authors, Zana Morris and Helen Foster, designed a high fat diet with a 12-minute exercise said to induce metabolism rate and make one lose 10 lbs in just fourteen days, the Daily Mail said.

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“It literally turns every­thing you thought you knew about weight loss on its head. Forget counting calories, feeling hungry, hours of exercise or months of watching the scales slowly shift downwards, and forget bran or anything else that tastes like cardboard,” Zanna Morris, a personal trainor and nutritionist said in her book (The High Fat Diet) which she co-authored with Foster, a leading health journalist.

Nuts, avocados, butter and cheese cream are some of the food rich with fat content are recommended in the book.

In an interview with the Independent, Morris said that insulin plays a very vital role in the effectiveness of this diet program.

“The high fat diet works on two levels: the first is stabilising insulin. Any fat around the middle tends to be related to the body releasing a little too much insulin – stabilise that, and the fat drops from the middle very fast. Fat is the only food group that doesn’t cause that insulin spike,” Zana Morris said.

Further, Morris said that if your diet contains more fat than sugar that comes from carbs, the body will resort to burning fats with the absence of sugar.

“In the early days, honestly, people were really quite horrified when I suggested putting them on high fat. And you had to hand-hold them through the first two or three days, she confessed.

The High Fat Diet garnered awards such as the Best London Fitness Facility of the Year 2014 at the London Lifestyle Awards. It is also mentioned in the Tatler’s 2014 Best Gyms Guide, Ebury Publishing said.

Aside from the 14-day diet plan, the book also provides advices on motivation, visualization and goal-setting.

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