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Where’s The Beef? USDA Removes Beef From Healthy Diet, Now Promotes …

The USDA is proposing regulations for seafood, following its controversial regulation proposal on beef.

The Agriculture Department is set to propose new standards for farmed organic fish within a year.

“That means the seafood could be available in as few as two years — but only if USDA moves quickly to complete the rules and seafood companies decide to embrace them,” Associated Press reports.

But the agency quotes individuals from the farm fish industry who worry the fish feed requirements may be too strict and a financial burden.

But on the other hand, environmental groups complain that the new regulations wouldn’t be strict enough.

This isn’t the first time proposed regulations from the USDA are causing a controversy.
Just last month, Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) criticized the USDA for its proposed regulations on beef.

“I am asking the same question thousands of school kids in North Dakota and across America will be asking: ‘Where’s the Beef? Sacrificing sound science and denying the nutritional benefits of lean red meat to satisfy an extreme environmental agenda is woefully misguided,” said Cramer.

According to Cramer, the regulation strays “from purely nutritional evidence and venturing into areas like environmental sustainability and tax policy.”

Cramer, along with 70 other Congressmen, issued a letter March 31st to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the USDA to ensure its final 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans comply with guidelines previously passed by Congress and are based on sound nutritional science.

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