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Winter Cheating or How to Lose Weight

Winter Cheating or How to Lose Weight?

Winter Cheating or How to Lose Weight

Help me lose weight

If you wake up thinking how to lose weight, and ready to go to anyone with the question and ask for advice to help me lose weight, this article is for you. It is about losing just several kilos, or about not gaining them within the winter time. The average person gains over the winter from 2 to 5 kg. The reasons lies mainly in the seasonal characteristics of metabolism. And yet few people can survive holidays without any damages to their figure. And to hear from friends in the spring cries of envy “you`re so slim”, to learn how to lose weight, you need to do some cheating.


help me to lose weight

Have you ever asked “help me to lose weight” holding a chocolate bar in your hand? Well, then you probably noticed that a piece of chocolate makes your mood better. The secret to happiness is hormones – serotonin, which is especially needed in the winter, and chocolate gives an impetus to the production of it. But among other things it contains a lot of sugar transforming into extra pounds. So, to move like Jagger, you need to opt for a couple of pieces of dark chocolate and choose chocolate flavors: foam bath, cream with a chocolate scent or perfume with a hint of chocolate. Chocolate “spirit” perfectly copes with the task “how to lose weight”.

How to Lose Weight?

Many searches how to lose weight in the end come to the lowering the incoming carbohydrates. Though in winter it is what we want badly – sweets and baked goods… Replace the buns with dried fruits and vegetables. Drink fresh fruit juices. Carrot in combination with a small amount of cream will give you a carotene, and citrus juice – vitamin C. Do not bite off entirely from the fruit – cut into pieces, so satiation comes quicker. As long as we peel and cut the fruit, our mind believes that the process of eating has already begun. A great winter product, which few people know – Brazil nuts. This is an excellent source of selenium, which helps prevent depression, B vitamins and vitamin E, which are needed for the production of serotonin. Just a tablespoonful a day, and that is enough not to overeat. And the result is the answer for the question how to lose weight. Now, you don`t have to ask anyone with “help me lose weight” song!

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