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Would you go on an ice-cream diet to lose weight? New cleanse prescribes FIVE …

Misty White Sidell

16:01 EST, 7 March 2014


18:39 EST, 7 March 2014

The world’s first ice-cream cleanse is now on offer in the U.S.’s fad-diet capital, Los Angeles.

Kippy’s, a vegan ice-cream store in Venice, is offering a $240 cleanse in which dieters eat five pints of raw coconut-based ice-cream a day for four straight days.

The cleanse, which amounts to 1,000-1,200 calories and 70 grams of fat per day and boasts 20-25 grams of sugar per ice-cream pint, is designed to help people lose weight and achieve a clearer state of mind.

Bright idea: Kippy’s, an organic vegan ice-cream shop in Venice, California, has introduced a $240 four-day diet cleanse

Given that the CDC recommends that
Americans should consume no more than 10per cent of their daily calories
in saturated fats, the figures are high, but Kippy’s tells Gizmodo that ‘raw saturated fat is nothing short of a miracle worker in the human body.

helps us digest, repairs the gut, feeds the brain, boosts the
metabolism and is a powerful agent of detoxification,’ they explained.

cleanse sees dieters eat a different pint of ice-cream five times a
day, with each flavor offering a different kind of health benefit.

typical day might include a coconut yogurt flavor for breakfast, orange
crème for a mid-morning snack, dark chocolate with Himalayan fire salt
for lunch, master cleanse flavor mid-afternoon and a Superfood ice-cream
for dinner.

Heavy dose: Kippy’s cleansers eat five pints of ice-cream per day (including this Master Cleanse flavor) for four days straight, and are recommended to do yoga throughout the duration of the cleanse

Sneaky ingredients: While Kippy’s ice-cream does not include dairy, it gets its creamy finish from a raw coconut-cream base, which helps feed fatty areas of the body including the brain


Breakfast: Coconut yogurt – a raw, fermented coconut cream that has added probiotics, as well as raw honey

Mid-morning snack: Orange crème – this option can be alternated with a honey grapefruit sorbet as well.

Lunch: Dark chocolate ice-cream with Himalayan fire salt – the formula is meant to be high in antioxidants, and the salt is believed to stimulate the thyroid.

Afternoon snack: Master Cleanse ice-cream – this flavor takes its name from the lemon juice, syrup and cayenne liquid diet that Beyoncé used to slim down for her role in Dream Girls.

Dinner: Superfood ice-cream – this flavor includes bee pollen, cinnamon, and raw honey – ingredients that target inflammation and digestion.

A reporter for Gizmodo,
who reviewed the ice-cream cleanse with his girlfriend, revealed that
despite their typical cleanse grovels (missing the feeling of chewing,
salty foods, and solid foods in general), they both lost a similar
amount of weight – approximately six pounds each.

he admitted that ‘in the span of one long weekend, I managed to put all
of that cleanse-weight back on (plus another pound or so).’

co-owner, Kippy Miller, and the founder of its next-door neighbor Ra
Ma Yoga, Guru Jagat, spent six months formulating the cleanse, according
Moms LA.

‘Our bodies are designed to have a fat-soluble with every meal,’ Ms Miller said. ‘It’s a way for your body to absorb nutrients.’

company adds that ‘your body, in the course of the cleanse will also
release heavy metals, plastics and other toxins, and the raw saturated
fat will function as a carrier to rid your body of them for good.’

are allowed to drink as much water on the cleanse as they like, and are
also given a pass for a free week’s worth of classes at Ra Ma Yoga.

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Florida, United States,

19 minutes ago

Not Florida?

Taj Mahal,

La Jolla, United States,

25 minutes ago

do not eating the bees the pollens, it test like kahkah and it bad for yous.

Taj Mahal,

La Jolla, United States,

30 minutes ago

I am liking to eat there. I always losing weight when I aeating the fats, the icecream, the chocloates the meats


Springfield, United States,

41 minutes ago

So you consume a calorie deficit and get no nutrients. Yah, you’ll lose weight but it doesn’t sound healthy, and once you eat normally your weight will come back again so what’s the point? I hope it’s good ice cream at least…


Wakefield, United Kingdom,

49 minutes ago

If only BenJerrys was this healthy….


London, United Kingdom,

50 minutes ago

I love ice cream ! Great diet for me! But after the ‘cleanse’ one would put all the weight back on. Still delish to eat…yum!

Moon Kitty,

Boston, United States,

1 hour ago

Vegans make vegans look bad. I was a vegan until I started to hate their pompous attitude. I rebelled and are cheese. It won’t kill me, their incessant narcissistic banter just might though.

Moon Kitty,

Boston, United States,

1 hour ago

You can do it yourself if you can count calories duh!!!! I eat ice cream every night. People are ridiculous.


Liverpool, United Kingdom,

1 hour ago

Vegans and veggies make me sick. They’re worse than fundamentalist religious people, trying to shove their non meat lifestyle down your throat



1 hour ago

hmmm….sounds totally crazy.
if they made the vegan ice-cream sugar-free it would work a lot better – but it’s still a crazy diet!

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