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Would You Use a Choke Collar to Lose Weight?

Scary invention alert: A “smart necklace” (a.k.a. choke collar) monitors your eating, drinking, and smoking habits. It can be set to buzz when you chew, drink, or smoke something you’re not supposed to. [The Cut]

After reading these air-drying hair tips, you may never use your blow-dryer again (seriously). [Refinery 29]

Taylor Swift took a flawless makeup-free selfie but was upstaged by an adorable cat. [People StyleWatch]

The fashion industry finds a cool, creative alternative to the garment district. And natch, it’s in Brooklyn. [Fashionista]

Kim Kardashian and Jared Leto must have the same colorist, as he debuted superblonde hair, too. [Style.com]

Would you buy second-hand beauty products for a 70 percent discount? [The Daily Mail]

Willow Smith is all grown up, talks about her natural hair and ever-changing look. [Us Weekly]

MAKE IT STOP. American Idol contestant wears “the Dress” onstage, and we’re covering our eyes. [Mashable]

Is Gwyneth Paltrow’s sick bod partially thanks to Beyoncé? Probably. [E! Online]

Say good-bye to your savings: Bloomingdales is opening an outlet in Manhattan. [CNBC]

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